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Merida (Brave)

Our collection dedication to Princess Merida of the film Brave. For a selection of all princess-related stories on A Mighty Girl, visit our Ultimate Guide to the Independent Princess. To find more girl-empowering dolls, visit A Mighty Girl's Dolls & Action Figures Collection.

16 items
  1. Funko POP Merida with Bow Funko POP Merida with Bow
    $14.95 C$18.88 A$36.18 £18.27
  2. Brave Brave
    $9.99 C$19.99 £22.04
  3. Merida Teen/Adult Costume Merida Teen/Adult Costume
    $62.99 C$175.22 A$90.37
  4. She Series Poster 2 (Innovate, Love, Hope) She Series Poster 2 (Innovate, Love, Hope)
  5. She Series Collage Poster She Series Collage Poster
  6. Fight (She Series) Print Fight (She Series) Print
  7. Bravely Bravely
    $17.99 C$24.74 A$38.62 £16.30
  8. She Series Pop Culture Collage Poster She Series Pop Culture Collage Poster
  9. Brave Sticker Book Brave Sticker Book
    $6.99 C$8.99 A$13.22 £5.45
  10. Touch The Sky Touch The Sky
  11. Learn Me Right Learn Me Right
  12. Brave Movie Poster Brave Movie Poster
    $22.00 C$28.58
  13. Brave: The Video Game Brave: The Video Game
    $15.69 C$29.98
  14. Merida Dress Merida Dress
    $38.99 C$99.41 A$74.45 £86.71
  15. Merida Costume Merida Costume
    A$133.95 £201.44
  16. Merida Archery Set Merida Archery Set
    $19.59 C$12.99
16 items