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Sports Equipment

A Mighty Girl's collection of sports equipment includes a diverse selection of gear for a wide variety of sports. For other types of fun and engaging toys to encourage outdoor activity, visit our Outdoor Games section or our Movement / Riding Toys section where you can sort the toys based on the type of movement involved such as throwing, riding, balancing, and more.
34 items
  1. Scout Bow Set Scout Bow Set
    $29.99 C$71.62 A$179.76
  2. Reaction Ball Reaction Ball
    $9.48 C$18.63 A$26.08 £25.34
  3. Street / Knee Hockey Set Street / Knee Hockey Set
    $59.99 A$58.57 £108.29
  4. Titan Bow Titan Bow
    $47.11 C$97.25 A$434.22
  5. Punisher Samurai Skateboard Punisher Samurai Skateboard
    $59.99 C$157.65
  6. RipStik Ripster RipStik Ripster
    $53.99 C$149.47 A$178.61 £78.02
  7. Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer
    $14.99 C$50.57 A$22.95 £22.50
  8. Round Wooden Wobble Balance Board Round Wooden Wobble Balance Board
    $16.49 C$30.99 A$143.42
  9. Wizard Youth Bow Set Wizard Youth Bow Set
    $29.99 C$56.35
  10. 12-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline 12-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline
    $329.95 C$689.98
  11. Brave Youth Bow Set Brave Youth Bow Set
    $55.88 C$136.06
  12. Thrown Down Bases Thrown Down Bases
    $39.99 C$58.99 A$110.31 £99.79
  13. Ninjaline Ninjaline
    $99.97 C$119.98 A$208.73
  14. Sighting Compass Sighting Compass
    $40.00 C$56.00
  15. HyperStrike Bow HyperStrike Bow
    $49.49 C$107.38 A$103.77 £32.99
  16. Crusader Youth Bow Set Crusader Youth Bow Set
    $28.82 C$63.23
  17. Plastic Softball/Baseball Set Plastic Softball/Baseball Set
    $6.99 C$22.83 A$26.02
  18. Youth Street Hockey Starter Set Youth Street Hockey Starter Set
    $19.99 A$35.83 £79.55
  19. Volleyball / Badminton Set Volleyball / Badminton Set
    $130.95 C$293.31 A$315.40 £149.99
  20. Easy Score Soccer Set Easy Score Soccer Set
    $39.99 C$110.09 A$59.00
  21. TotSports T-Ball Set TotSports T-Ball Set
    $19.99 C$49.88 A$29.00 £14.99
  22. Soccer Ball Soccer Ball
    $19.47 C$52.62 A$50.44
  23. Volleyball Volleyball
    $29.07 C$37.94
  24. Pop-up Soccer Training Goal Pop-up Soccer Training Goal
    $44.99 C$88.36 A$124.10
  25. Solar System Playball Solar System Playball
    C$62.62 A$65.61 £28.62
  26. Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse Set Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse Set
    $49.70 C$59.97 A$92.34 £54.91
  27. Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc
  28. Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpacks Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpacks
    C$110.56 £65.28
  29. Adjustable Ice Skate Adjustable Ice Skate
  30. Playground Ball Playground Ball
    $23.13 C$71.23 £56.12
  31. Throw Down Bases Throw Down Bases
    $25.95 A$90.42 £43.00
  32. WNBA Basketball WNBA Basketball
    $38.76 A$70.61 £24.95
  33. Hunterz Z-Curve Bow Hunterz Z-Curve Bow
  34. 1st Shot Bow Set 1st Shot Bow Set
34 items