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Sports Equipment

A Mighty Girl's collection of sports equipment includes a diverse selection of gear for a wide variety of sports. For other types of fun and engaging toys to encourage outdoor activity, visit our Outdoor Games section or our Movement / Riding Toys section where you can sort the toys based on the type of movement involved such as throwing, riding, balancing, and more.
33 items
  1. Reaction Ball Reaction Ball
    $6.00 C$18.61 A$22.78 £10.42
  2. Valiant Bow Set Valiant Bow Set
    $24.99 C$49.34
  3. Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer
    $14.99 C$44.50 £8.10
  4. Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc
    $13.89 C$12.27 £35.20
  5. RipStik Ripster RipStik Ripster
    $52.60 C$153.99 A$183.32 £81.20
  6. Titan Bow Titan Bow
    $56.53 C$86.00 A$272.65
  7. Easy Score Soccer Set Easy Score Soccer Set
    $38.99 C$110.09 A$52.49
  8. Street / Knee Hockey Set Street / Knee Hockey Set
    $44.99 A$118.12 £108.29
  9. Wizard Youth Bow Set Wizard Youth Bow Set
  10. Hunterz Z-Curve Bow Hunterz Z-Curve Bow
    $39.49 C$104.32
  11. 12-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline 12-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline
    $329.95 C$689.98
  12. Thrown Down Bases Thrown Down Bases
    $36.87 C$125.83 A$100.50 £99.79
  13. Round Wooden Wobble Balance Board Round Wooden Wobble Balance Board
    $14.45 C$32.87 A$143.42 £19.87
  14. Sighting Compass Sighting Compass
    $40.00 C$54.99
  15. HyperStrike Bow HyperStrike Bow
    $29.67 C$107.38 A$104.93 £32.99
  16. Crusader Youth Bow Set Crusader Youth Bow Set
    $36.99 C$63.61
  17. Punisher Samurai Skateboard Punisher Samurai Skateboard
  18. Brave Youth Bow Set Brave Youth Bow Set
    $62.73 C$141.89
  19. Half-Court Size Pickleball Set Half-Court Size Pickleball Set
    $64.99 C$40.48 A$85.98 £93.06
  20. Plastic Softball/Baseball Set Plastic Softball/Baseball Set
  21. Youth Street Hockey Starter Set Youth Street Hockey Starter Set
    $12.99 C$30.53 A$70.75 £79.55
  22. TotSports T-Ball Set TotSports T-Ball Set
    $26.99 C$36.86 A$19.00
  23. Soccer Ball Soccer Ball
    $16.95 C$52.62 A$74.55
  24. Volleyball Volleyball
    $22.89 C$49.99 A$129.97
  25. WNBA Basketball WNBA Basketball
    $24.99 C$49.76 A$68.10 £24.98
  26. Pop-up Soccer Training Goal Pop-up Soccer Training Goal
    $44.99 C$88.36 A$122.61
  27. Volleyball / Badminton Set Volleyball / Badminton Set
    $126.99 C$293.31 A$323.55 £198.31
  28. Throw Down Bases Throw Down Bases
    $29.95 A$90.42 £43.00
  29. 1st Shot Bow Set 1st Shot Bow Set
  30. Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse Set Soccer, Hockey and Lacrosse Set
    $53.99 C$84.99 A$134.87
  31. Ninjaline Ninjaline
  32. Adjustable Ice Skate Adjustable Ice Skate
  33. Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpacks Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpacks
    C$110.56 £65.28
33 items