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Woodworking Kits

18 items
  1. Wooden Clock Puzzle Wooden Clock Puzzle
    $49.99 A$80.99
  2. Craftsman Kids 8-Piece Tool Set Craftsman Kids 8-Piece Tool Set
    $62.95 A$216.23 £157.99
  3. Created By Me! Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse Created By Me! Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse
    $9.99 C$22.92 A$36.99 £14.91
  4. Stanley Jr. Build & Paint Bird Feeder Kit Stanley Jr. Build & Paint Bird Feeder Kit
    $24.99 C$35.99 £31.99
  5. Wooden Robot Dinosaur Puzzle Wooden Robot Dinosaur Puzzle
    $23.99 A$56.97 £31.99
  6. Wooden Marble Run Puzzle Kit Wooden Marble Run Puzzle Kit
    $39.99 A$76.49
  7. Wooden Solar Powered Vagabond Rover Wooden Solar Powered Vagabond Rover
  8. Wooden Vitascope Movie Projector Kit Wooden Vitascope Movie Projector Kit
    $42.49 C$66.99 A$94.36 £46.65
  9. Build A Bird Bungalow Build A Bird Bungalow
    $25.33 C$27.95 A$30.46 £27.76
  10. Craftivity Dare to Dream Board Kit Craftivity Dare to Dream Board Kit
    $25.15 C$74.55 A$28.97 £29.59
  11. 3D Wooden Airship Puzzle 3D Wooden Airship Puzzle
    $49.99 C$22.99 A$23.77 £10.39
  12. Stanley Jr. Tool Set Stanley Jr. Tool Set
    $49.99 C$39.99 A$71.36 £27.74
  13. Stanley Jr. Toolbox Building Kit Stanley Jr. Toolbox Building Kit
  14. Build and Paint Wooden Cars Craft Kit Build and Paint Wooden Cars Craft Kit
    $13.97 C$34.90 A$38.54 £102.06
  15. Build It Yourself Woodworking Kit Build It Yourself Woodworking Kit
    $86.90 C$115.65 A$155.03 £88.50
  16. The Universe DIY Wooden Music Box The Universe DIY Wooden Music Box
  17. Wooden Owl Storage Box Puzzle Wooden Owl Storage Box Puzzle
    C$45.41 A$32.00
  18. Wood Burning Kit Wood Burning Kit
18 items