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TV / Movie Characters

A Mighty Girl's collection of popular Mighty Girls from TV shows and movies features Doc McStuffins, Dora the Explorer, Jessie (Toy Story), Kai Lan, Kiki's Delivery Service, Kim Possible, Kit Kittredge, Merida (Brave), Mulan, Princess Leia, Star Wars Characters, and Wordgirl. For many more Mighty Girl movie and TV characters, visit our extensive Mighty Girl Movie / TV program collection.
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  1. Frozen Little Golden Book Frozen Little Golden Book
    $5.37 C$10.52 A$12.99 £4.10
  2. Frozen Junior Novelization Frozen Junior Novelization
    $4.99 C$5.93 A$11.85 £4.11
  3. Kano Frozen 2 Coding Kit Kano Frozen 2 Coding Kit
    $14.00 C$30.08 A$32.99 £9.90
  4. Elsa (Frozen II) Doll Elsa (Frozen II) Doll
    $13.95 C$20.28 A$15.00 £16.77
  5. Anna (Frozen II) Doll With Olaf Anna (Frozen II) Doll With Olaf
    $20.41 C$32.88 A$70.59
  6. LEGO Frozen II Anna's Canoe Expedition LEGO Frozen II Anna's Canoe Expedition
    $19.99 C$36.79 A$63.15 £26.50
  7. Osmo Super Studio: Learn to Draw Frozen 2 Osmo Super Studio: Learn to Draw Frozen 2
    $39.49 C$29.96 A$42.95 £26.85
  8. LEGO Frozen II Enchanted Treehouse LEGO Frozen II Enchanted Treehouse
    $56.90 C$78.00 A$119.99 £45.99
  9. Frozen II: Queen Iduna's Knitted Scarf Kit Frozen II: Queen Iduna's Knitted Scarf Kit
    $20.00 C$55.53 A$59.99 £10.90
  10. Elsa Doll and Nokk Figure Elsa Doll and Nokk Figure
    $26.99 C$27.81 A$166.15 £54.92
  11. Anna (Frozen II) Singing Doll Anna (Frozen II) Singing Doll
    $16.49 C$32.98 A$42.78 £29.62
  12. DUPLO Frozen II Ice Castle DUPLO Frozen II Ice Castle
    $44.99 C$54.99 £44.08
  13. Elsa (Frozen II) Adventure Doll Elsa (Frozen II) Adventure Doll
    $19.99 A$47.50 £25.50
  14. LEGO Frozen II Olaf LEGO Frozen II Olaf
    $16.35 C$22.94 A$34.99 £13.45
  15. Funko 5 Star Anna Funko 5 Star Anna
    $10.00 C$19.37 A$31.94 £1.33
  16. "Into The Unknown" Elsa Doll "Into The Unknown" Elsa Doll
    $35.88 C$89.84 A$79.95
  17. Elsa with Pabbie and Salamander Doll Elsa with Pabbie and Salamander Doll
    $15.99 C$29.39 A$38.89 £18.19
  18. Funko POP Anna (Frozen II) Funko POP Anna (Frozen II)
    $11.47 C$23.60 A$34.03 £6.58
  19. Anna (Frozen II) Costume Anna (Frozen II) Costume
    $35.00 C$96.84
  20. Elsa (Frozen II) Costume Elsa (Frozen II) Costume
  21. Faux Fur Trimmed Cloak / Elsa from Frozen Faux Fur Trimmed Cloak / Elsa from Frozen
  22. Anna (Frozen) Classic 12" Doll Anna (Frozen) Classic 12" Doll
    $9.49 C$24.15 A$37.44 £20.91
  23. Frozen Frozen
    $9.96 C$25.20 A$29.75 £21.95
  24. Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals
    $9.11 C$26.98 A$24.95 £14.48
  25. Disney Frozen: The Ice Box Disney Frozen: The Ice Box
    $10.99 C$9.49 A$21.25 £6.54
  26. Frozen Read-Along Storybook Frozen Read-Along Storybook
    $6.99 C$7.99 A$14.57 £8.13
  27. Frozen: A Sister More Like Me Frozen: A Sister More Like Me
    $15.80 C$15.72 A$32.84 £102.99
  28. Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen
    $5.38 C$8.90 A$13.19 £7.95
  29. Look and Find Disney Frozen Look and Find Disney Frozen
    $10.99 C$11.60 A$22.26 £7.74
  30. Funko POP Anna (Frozen) Funko POP Anna (Frozen)
    $14.40 C$35.55 £22.99
  31. Frozen Stationery Set Frozen Stationery Set
  32. Olaf (Frozen) Costume Olaf (Frozen) Costume
  33. Sven (Frozen II) Pillow Pet Sven (Frozen II) Pillow Pet
    $23.73 A$61.63 £184.02
  34. Funko POP Young Elsa Funko POP Young Elsa
    $13.40 C$29.37 £11.99
  35. Funko POP Young Anna Funko POP Young Anna
    $15.66 C$41.41 £46.14
  36. Frozen II Lunch Bag Frozen II Lunch Bag
    $14.99 £27.37
1–36 of 123 items