Lost! A Story in String

A Newbery-winning author and a brilliant new artist create a story that young readers will read and perform for years to come.

Watch and listen as a grandmother recounts a tale of a resourceful farm girl lost in a blizzard, searching for her dog. As she describes that young girl's hazardous journey, a sequence of string figures takes shape in her hands, illustrating each step along the way. Striking scratchboard illustrations bring the grandmother's story to life, while clear instructions and careful diagrams at the end of the book allow you to recreate the tale, and to hold string figure performances of your own. Paul Fleischman's own intergenerational string troupe, String Quartet, has made Lost! a regular part of its repertoire, and you can too.

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"Mordan, in his picture book debut, provides a dramatic complement for this spare tale with artwork that resembles etchings; he demonstrates how much can be communicated using simple lines and strokes." -- Publishers Weekly


Recommended Age 7 - 12
Author Paul Fleischman
Illustrator C. B. Mordan
ISBN 0805055835
Publication Date Jun 1, 2000
Publisher Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Language English