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A Mighty Girl's Empowering Easter Gifts Collection

A Mighty Girl's “Empowering Easter Gifts" collection feature a diverse selection of girl-empowering gifts -- all affordably priced and the vast majority of which are small enough to fit into an Easter basket. From science toys to action figures, craft kits to card games, you're sure to find something to delight the special Mighty Girl in your life!

By using the "Buy from Amazon" links found on every product page, you also help to support A Mighty Girl and our girl empowerment mission at no added cost to you. If you'd like to add anything from this collection to your A Mighty Girl Wishlist, learn how here. To view our entire toy selection featuring over 2,000 girl-empowering toys, click here or mouse over "Toys" on our main menu bar to open the toy directory.

145–180 of 318 items
  1. Nancy B.'s Black Light Illuminator and Nature's Mysteries Journal Nancy B.'s Black Light Illuminator and Nature's Mysteries Journal
    $17.99 C$23.99 A$39.72
  2. Finding Dory Finding Dory
    $9.99 C$21.93 A$25.82 £14.96
  3. Pusheenicorn Plush Pusheenicorn Plush
    $22.00 C$30.53 A$47.95 £50.77
  4. LEGO Wildlife Photographer Minifigure LEGO Wildlife Photographer Minifigure
    $17.78 C$24.87 A$42.42
  5. Hidden Figures Hidden Figures
    $16.60 C$14.79 A$39.12 £9.16
  6. Funko POP Luna Lovegood in Lion Costume Funko POP Luna Lovegood in Lion Costume
    $14.95 C$36.01 A$47.33 £26.96
  7. Pride and Prejudice Scarf Pride and Prejudice Scarf
    $29.90 C$53.00
  8. I'm A Girl; What's Your Super Power? Pencil Case I'm A Girl; What's Your Super Power? Pencil Case
    C$16.98 A$16.50 £7.99
  9. Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons
    $22.95 C$29.95 A$22.95 £17.95
  10. Notorious R.B.G. Onesie Notorious R.B.G. Onesie
    $13.99 C$20.62
  11. DC Superhero Trio: Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman Costume Set DC Superhero Trio: Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman Costume Set
    $22.96 C$80.24 A$84.84 £53.55
  12. I Never Forget a Face! Memory Game I Never Forget a Face! Memory Game
    $17.99 A$36.44 £17.88
  13. Veterinarian Lauren with Vet Kit Veterinarian Lauren with Vet Kit
    $16.91 C$46.92 A$29.95 £20.49
  14. Justice League Panty 7-Pack Justice League Panty 7-Pack
    $12.99 C$53.95 A$28.23 £14.99
  15. Fluxx 5.0 Fluxx 5.0
    $20.00 A$27.99 £14.99
  16. Brain Flakes 500-Piece Set Brain Flakes 500-Piece Set
    $16.99 C$29.99 A$29.95 £41.53
  17. Playskool Galactic Heroes - Rey and Captain Phasma Playskool Galactic Heroes - Rey and Captain Phasma
    $9.75 C$20.34 A$28.71 £8.36
  18. I Sea 10! I Sea 10!
    $9.57 C$16.99 A$27.73 £7.99
  19. Zootopia Zootopia
    $19.98 C$25.99 A$24.99
  20. Ion: A Compound Building Game Ion: A Compound Building Game
    $23.99 A$53.67
  21. Yvette Supergirl Plush Yvette Supergirl Plush
    $24.86 A$76.92 £62.14
  22. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs
    $11.99 C$17.86 A$33.10 £17.26
  23. Solar System Crew Socks Solar System Crew Socks
    $11.00 A$27.79
  24. Shuri (Black Panther) Action Figure Shuri (Black Panther) Action Figure
    $6.89 C$14.00 A$20.30 £8.95
  25. Rad American Women A-Z Postcards Rad American Women A-Z Postcards
    $11.48 C$19.27 A$18.78 £4.37
  26. Gryffindor Journal Gryffindor Journal
    $29.94 C$55.71 A$66.54 £24.00
  27. Funko POP Minerva McGonagall Funko POP Minerva McGonagall
    $12.00 C$21.93 A$24.95 £14.99
  28. Created By Me Butterfly Magnets Created By Me Butterfly Magnets
    $9.95 C$22.95 A$13.00 £35.00
  29. Litter of Lizards Litter of Lizards
    C$30.42 A$36.48 £34.25
  30. Metallic Gel Sticks Metallic Gel Sticks
    $10.75 C$23.02 A$66.62 £40.71
  31. Wonder Woman Eyeglass Case and Lens Cloth Wonder Woman Eyeglass Case and Lens Cloth
  32. Banned Books Socks Banned Books Socks
    $14.95 C$61.99
  33. Solar System Planetarium Solar System Planetarium
    $11.99 A$33.10 £29.28
  34. Madeline: Activity Book With Stickers Madeline: Activity Book With Stickers
    $8.99 C$13.99 A$19.83 £8.98
  35. LEGO Buildable Figures: Rey (The Force Awakens) LEGO Buildable Figures: Rey (The Force Awakens)
    $21.97 C$47.34 A$54.45 £20.90
  36. Women In History Poster 2 Women In History Poster 2
145–180 of 318 items