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Mighty Girl Music

Welcome to A Mighty Girl’s new music section! We have been receiving requests and suggestions for music for Mighty Girls since the launch of the site, and we are pleased to present our initial collection of over 100 songs for all age ranges. These songs were selected to provide a broad assortment of music that empowers girls and women and illuminates the many common issues they face through various stages of life. We have sought to include music from many genres and by many artists, some of which will be familiar and others of which will likely be new to you. We hope that, as you explore this new section, you will discover many soon-to-be favorite Mighty Girl songs.

If you are interested in purchasing the MP3 or buying the album of any of the music that you discover on our site, please help support the work of A Mighty Girl by using the link located on each song's A Mighty Girl product page. By doing so, A Mighty Girl receives a small commission of the sale at no added cost to you which allows us continue expanding the site with features like this music section.

Navigating the Music Section

Like our book and movie sections, the music section highlights individual songs (and occasionally whole albums), as well as provides links to related products with similar themes. We do provide suggested age ranges for the music, but we recognize that music can be harder than literature to categorize in this way, especially given that individuals may respond differently to the recording than to the music video. To make it easy for site users to preview songs, we have embedded a YouTube video for all song's with available videos on each entry's product page below "product details".

You can select music recommended for specific ages by using our "age filter" feature on the left menu. Each song's product page also includes a specific age recommendation under the "product details" section where you can also find additional information about the song including release date, themes, label, and genre. On the music section's left sidebar, you can also filter by music genre and prominent song themes such as self worth, friendship, and growing up. On the top bar menu, you can also sort the music selections by genre as well.

About Notes for Parents

To help parents find music for their children, each entry has a “Notes for Parents” section in which we discuss issues related to the song or video that may be of concern to parents. Included in this section are “Lyrical Notes” and “Video Notes” for an at-a-glance summary of these issues. These notes use A Mighty Girl’s rating system (described below) to inform parents about issues they may wish to consider when evaluating a song or video. We have put careful thought into the appropriate age rating for each track, but parents should still reference these notes to determine if they are comfortable introducing their children to the song, video, or both.

We’d Love to Hear from You!

As we discovered while creating this initial selection of songs, there are many girl-empowering artists and songs out there to be discovered! We would love to hear your recommendations for additional music selections for this section. We are also eager to hear how you feel about the descriptions and notes we have provided. Please feel free to use the red feedback button at right to provide any recommendations or feedback you have.


Overview of A Mighty Girl’s Ratings System

These are the ratings parents will see in the Lyrical Notes and Video Notes, as well as a definition of what A Mighty Girl is referencing when you see them:

  • Alcohol/Drug Use: Lyrics or video that explicitly reference or depict alcohol and drug use, whether it is portrayed positively or negatively.
  • Consumerism: Lyrics or video that portray the acquisition of things, especially luxury goods, as positive behavior
  • Language/Profanity: Any profanity, as well as crude language, discriminatory language (e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic), and other offensive language use
  • Mature Themes: Lyrics or video that reference difficult and polarizing topics (e.g. rape, abortion, abuse) that parents may be concerned about introducing or discussing
  • Sexual Situations: Choreography or acting that explicitly depicts sexual contact (not necessarily intercourse)
  • Suggestive Dialogue: Lyrics that reference sexual situations
  • Suggestive Imagery/Wardrobe: Revealing or otherwise sexualized wardrobe choices; suggestive choreography; objectification of bodies
  • Suggestive Situations: Choreography or acting that references sexual relationships, but does not directly depict sexual contact
  • Violence: Lyrics or video that reference realistic violent actions, whether portrayed positively or negatively