Raising Dragons

After all, dragons just happen to be perfect friend material.

Jerdine Nolen and Elise Primavera team up for the unforgettable story of a young girl and her best friend . . . a dragon.

"A pig-tailed, snub-nosed, African-American girl tells how an egg she finds on a "Sunday-before-supper walk" helps her discover her true calling - raising dragons. Out of the egg comes a hatchling that she names Hank, and until crowds and undue attention force him to leave, he and the girl share everything from bedtime stories to nighttime flights under the stars. Although the narrator boohoos a heap when forced to say good-bye to Hank, she leaves him in his tropical homeland with the hope of seeing him again and with a wheelbarrow full of dragon eggs to care for." -- School Library Journal

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"In this enchanting blend of the real and unreal, a spunky girl welcomes a tiny dragon into her family's home." -- Publishers Weekly


Recommended Age 4 - 8
Special Features Mighty Girl Top Picks
Author Jerdine Nolen
Illustrator Elise Primavera
ISBN 0152165363
Publication Date Sep 1, 2002
Publisher Sandpiper
Language English