Those Are MY Private Parts!

Parents and caregivers can use this read-aloud rhyme as a tool to teach children sexual abuse prevention and empower their young children to say NO. In just 12 pages of rhyme, the book:

- gives parents a great starting point for having important, candid discussions with their children about recognizing and preventing sexual abuse
- names the most common perpetrators of sexual abuse in clear, kid friendly language
- informs children about the tactics perpetrators use to trick children
- equips children with an action plan for telling trusted adults about abuse
- empowers children to say "no" and to get righteously angry if abuse happens

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"It is a delightful and engaging contribution to helping parents educate children about the importance of learning to set boundaries." -- Kathleen Brooks, Ph.D., host of Darkness to Light: Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence


Recommended Age 3 - 6
Author Diane Hansen
Illustrator Charlotte Hansen
ISBN 1482544377
Publication Date Dec 16, 2004
Publisher Empowerment Productions
Language English