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Science / Math

181–216 of 240 items
  1. Space Rover Coding Activity Set Space Rover Coding Activity Set
    $40.39 C$41.94 £40.00
  2. STEM Explorers Pixel Art Challenge STEM Explorers Pixel Art Challenge
    $16.99 C$18.22 £22.62
  3. National Geographic Science Lab Microscope National Geographic Science Lab Microscope
    $39.99 C$64.99 A$76.05 £76.56
  4. Sprout and Grow Window Sprout and Grow Window
    $30.73 C$78.50
  5. Chem C2000 Chem C2000
    $134.39 A$407.42 £280.34
  6. Physics Workshop Physics Workshop
    $49.95 C$122.03 A$213.65
  7. Forensic Science Crime Scene Kit Forensic Science Crime Scene Kit
    $34.99 C$92.59 A$66.29 £29.99
  8. Mind Blowing Science Kit Mind Blowing Science Kit
    $7.49 £33.50
  9. Sun Paper Sun Paper
    $17.93 C$29.99 A$39.97 £24.25
  10. Crystal Mining Kit Crystal Mining Kit
    $13.98 A$41.38 £20.84
  11. Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass
    $11.99 C$11.54 A$19.80 £12.95
  12. Diggin' Up Dinos: T-Rex Diggin' Up Dinos: T-Rex
    $18.00 C$21.97 A$28.98 £45.17
  13. Break Your Own Geodes Break Your Own Geodes
    $32.95 A$74.44
  14. Weather Science Kit Weather Science Kit
    $16.95 A$17.00
  15. Magnet Lab Kit Magnet Lab Kit
    $43.99 C$63.99 A$72.58 £34.68
  16. Electricity Kit Electricity Kit
    $19.99 A$59.84 £111.99
  17. Duo Scope Microscope Duo Scope Microscope
    $128.65 C$206.65 £157.11
  18. Chemistry C500 Chemistry C500
    $23.99 A$51.47 £37.50
  19. Hydropower Lab Hydropower Lab
    $49.87 C$94.90 A$83.44 £47.31
  20. Ultraviolet Detecting Beads Ultraviolet Detecting Beads
  21. National Geographic Ultimate Volcano Kit National Geographic Ultimate Volcano Kit
    $16.99 A$29.62
  22. K'Nex DNA, Replications and Transcription Set K'Nex DNA, Replications and Transcription Set
    $99.99 A$166.62
  23. You Explore It: Human Body You Explore It: Human Body
    C$107.55 £72.37
  24. Elements of Science Kit Elements of Science Kit
  25. Build-and-Play Animation Scope Kit Build-and-Play Animation Scope Kit
  26. The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Diving Into Slime, Gel, and Goop Science Kit The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Diving Into Slime, Gel, and Goop Science Kit
  27. Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit
    $20.17 C$26.27 A$75.10 £32.90
  28. Pop Up Port-A-Bug Pop Up Port-A-Bug
  29. Eco-Battery Vehicles Eco-Battery Vehicles
  30. Eco Science Toys Eco Science Toys
    $24.95 A$133.81
  31. Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers
  32. Remote Control Machines: Animals Science Kit Remote Control Machines: Animals Science Kit
    $49.95 C$109.49 A$129.67 £83.65
  33. Solar Power Kit Solar Power Kit
    C$122.97 £72.86
  34. Light Up Terrarium Kit Light Up Terrarium Kit
  35. littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit
  36. Super Solar Recycler Robot Super Solar Recycler Robot
    C$90.90 A$72.71 £62.50
181–216 of 240 items