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  • Flights of Fancy: Fantasy-Filled Mighty Girl Graphic Novels for Young Readers

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communication Specialist

    If realism-based graphic novels amplify and deepen a story grounded in the real world, guess what an author and illustrator can do with a tale of pure fantasy! For young readers, it can be revolutionary to see new worlds, born entirely of someone's imagination, come to life on the page. A good combination of story and artwork can make almost anything seem real and who doesn't love the feeling of being absorbed in a good book?

    With that in mind, the second blog post in our graphic novel series features books for children that are set in worlds of fantasy. Whether these stories make just a small tweak to an otherwise realistic setting — like adding friendly robots, escaped doodles, or alligators that really do live in the sewers — or create a completely new world to explore, these books will open kids' minds to the incredible possibilities inherent in storytelling. They might just be inspiring to come up with an amazing new world themselves!

    For recommendations of graphic novels that are grounded in real life, check out the first post in our blog series, Life in Pictures: Mighty Girl Graphic Novels for Young Readers about Real Life. You also can browse our entire collection of over 100 graphic novels starring girls and women on a wide variety of themes in our special feature on the Top Graphic Novels Starring Mighty Girls. Continue reading

  • With Broomstick in Hand: Favorite Stories Starring Mighty Girl Witches

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    On Halloween night, don't be surprised if you see a broomstick in the sky! Witches are a fixture of the Halloween tradition — and since most witches are depicted as female, there are plenty of stories starring Mighty Girl witches out there. From funny picture books to quirky and suspenseful middle grade novels to creepy young adult titles, there's something here to suit every witch-loving reader.

    For even more stories of witches, monsters, and other spooky things to share this Halloween season, check out our special feature on the Top Halloween Mighty Girl Books and Films.

    And if you're looking for the perfect witch costume — or a wide selection of costumes on other themes — we feature hundreds of high quality options in our Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide. Continue reading

  • Life In Pictures: Mighty Girl Graphic Novels for Young Readers about Real Life

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    While many people think of graphic novels as "just comic books", the truth is that a good graphic novel doesn't simplify a story: instead, it amplifies it, drawing out details and adding emotional weight. For young or reluctant readers, in particular, a graphic novel format makes it easier to understand more complex stories. In fact, we'd argue that high-quality graphic novels are a key part of any library!

    With that in mind, we're showcasing a selection of high quality graphic novels starring Mighty Girls — and since there are so many good titles out there, we are sharing them in a series, not a single post! In this blog post, we're featuring graphic novels for children that are grounded in real life. While some of these titles are non-fiction and explore moments in history or role models of the past, others are fictional stories that capture what it's like to be a girl growing up in today's world. No matter which one you choose, young readers will see that there are plenty of amazing stories within the everyday world.

    And stay tuned for future blog posts, where we'll share graphic novels for young readers that are set in fantasy worlds, as well as more challenging graphic novel titles suitable for teens! In the meantime, you can browse our entire collection of over 100 graphic novels starring girls and women in our special feature on the Top Graphic Novels Starring Mighty Girls. Continue reading

  • Dangerous Words: Challenged and Banned Mighty Girl Books

    tempBy Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    The Diary of A Young Girl is a classic Mighty Girl book that beautifully captures the emotional life of its author, Anne Frank, as her family and friends attempted to hide from the Nazi regime. It has been translated into 67 languages and sold over 30 million copies, and is often used by schools for units on the Holocaust or to discuss the feelings and physical changes that come with adolescence.

    And yet, as recently as this year, parents have challenged the use of the book in classrooms due to a reference to Anne's sexual awakening. In fact, since 1952, when the diary was first published in the US, it has been challenged dozens of times for reasons ranging from Anne’s discussion of her sexuality, to concerns about introducing the Holocaust to middle-school students, to disapproval of Anne’s unflattering descriptions of her mother. As the history of challenges to this book makes clear, one person’s bad influence is another person’s literary classic.

    tempSeptember 27 to October 3 is Banned Books Week, “an annual event celebrating the freedom to read…[and] to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.” During this week, The American Library Association and others in the book community come together to expose the dangers of restricting access to books. The banning of books, at least in the US, occurs on a local level, generally by local school districts which decide to pull a book from school libraries or classrooms. Often a book that is banned in one school district is a core part of the curriculum in many others.

    Banned Books Week celebrates that the majority of the books that have been challenged are still available on shelves, a testament to “the efforts of librarians, teachers, students, and community members who stand up and speak out for the freedom to read.”

    At A Mighty Girl, we believe that children — and their parents — should be free to explore difficult ideas and concepts. While parents should be aware of potential concerns with a title, removing a book from the shelves limits choice and sends the message to children that they aren’t competent to handle challenging topics. With that in mind, we have gathered a selection of Mighty Girl books that have been challenged or banned. Many of these books are considered classics, and many have received literary awards. Yet for reasons ranging from racism to violence to religious objections, people have had to fight to keep these books accessible to readers. A Mighty Girl is proud to have each one as part of our collection of empowering titles. Continue reading

  • Cultivating Compassion: Books About Financial Hardship Close to Home

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    For many kids, poverty and hunger are things from long ago or far away, but the truth is that financial hardship exists in our own communities as well: behind closed doors, many families struggle to provide the necessities. Divisions due to class differences can appear any time — after all, when a new “must-have” toy or clothing brand becomes popular, there are always classmates at school who can’t have it. And yet, talking to kids about poverty and class is difficult for many adults because the issues behind these problems seem too complicated or uncomfortable to explain.

    Understanding the realities of financial hardship is key to helping kids build empathy for those in need, and thoughtfully written stories can highlight the challenges facing many people in our neighborhoods as well as show how communities can draw together to help. In this blog post, we’re sharing ten of our favorite books for young readers that explore different facets of poverty, hardship, and class in modern society. By sharing these books with kids, you can open their eyes to the financial realities facing other kids just like them and help cultivate a desire to reach out a helping hand to those in need.

    You can find more books addressing poverty worldwide and throughout history in our Poverty & Hardship section. Continue reading

  • A Historical Halloween: History-Inspired Mighty Girl Costumes

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    Halloween provides a chance to imagine yourself as a different person — and for young history buffs, that can mean dressing up as a favorite figure from history! She might be imagining herself as a specific person, like Amelia Earhart or Cleopatra, or she be intrigued by the culture of a time and place, from Ancient Rome to the prairies of the pioneers. Whatever she chooses, history can provide a tremendous amount of inspiration!

    In this blog post, we share some of our favorite costumes inspired by history. In the first section, we showcase a number of history-themed costumes from A Mighty Girl's costume collection. Of course, many Mighty Girls enjoy the challenge of creating their own costume, so in the second section, we highlight a few of our favorite costumes inspired by historical figures that community members have shared with us in previous years! Between the two, your Mighty Girl is sure to find lots of ideas for a Halloween costume that deserves a place in your family’s history books.

    For even more costume inspiration on themes ranging from superheroes to animals, you'll find hundreds of costumes for all ages from infants through adults in our Girl Empowerment Halloween Costume Guide. Continue reading

  • A Mighty Bond: Books to Deepen Mother-Daughter Relationships

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    A strong mother-daughter bond can be a very powerful thing! But as girls grow older, especially as they reach their tweens and teens, that bond is often tested as girls increasingly exercise their growing independence. Investing some extra time and attention to this relationship pays big dividends for both of you — after all, you’re on this journey together!

    With that in mind, we’ve collected our favorite books to help build strong mother-daughter relationships. Whether you’re sharing a journal, finding a fun activity to do together, or discovering a great new book, these titles will help moms and their Mighty Girls deepen their relationship and learn more about one another.

    For more books, including many fictional stories, that celebrate the relationship between mother and daughter, check out our blog post Celebrating Mighty Moms & Their Daughters. Continue reading

  • Harvest Time! Fabulous Fall Mighty Girl Books

    By Lili Sandler, A Mighty Girl Senior Research Intern

    Autumn is here! The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and summer is becoming a memory. Every season brings with it the opportunity to share seasonal books with the Mighty Girl in your life, and this fall is no exception! Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite autumnal stories featuring Mighty Girls.

    And, for seasonal spooky favorites check out our special feature on the Top Halloween Mighty Girl Books & Films.

    Celebrating the Season

    wild-childAs summer turns to fall, there are many reasons to celebrate! The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is celebrated by many people of Chinese heritage around the world. In Grace Lin’s lovely picture book Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, we follow along as the young protagonist shares the traditions of her Chinese-American family’s Moon Festival fun.

    For the youngest autumnal enthusiasts, Alison Inches and Hiroe Nakata have teamed up to present an eye-catching and lyrical book, I Love Fall! Little ones can explore the textures and colors of fall in this little book, all while listening to a charming story! Recommended for ages 0 - 2.

    You can also check out the wordless Autumn board book by Gerda Muller. Part of a series of four wordless books about the seasons, this volume celebrates playing in piles of leaves, collecting nuts for conkers, and making jam to enjoy through the cold months of the year. Recommended for ages 0 - 3.

    Wong Herbert Yee's My Autumn Book for ages 3- 7 shows an inquisitive Mighty Girl determined to investigate all of the changes she sees around her as the season turns! With her camera and notebook, she creates an Autumn Book to remind her of all the things she sees as the cold begins to deepen. This conclusion to Yee's series of four picture books about the seasons might just encourage your Mighty Girl to make her own Autumn Book.

    51doqzofbql_1_[1]In a true ode to the wonders of the season, Autumn becomes personified as a little girl going about the business of avoiding bedtime in Lynn Plourde and Greg Couch’s Wild Child. She needs a song, she needs a snack, she needs new pajamas... And these are all provided by Mother Earth, as the season progresses. With stunning illustrations and text that begs to be read aloud, you’ll have your own autumnal Wild Child on your hands as you read this enchanting tale. Recommended for ages 3 - 7. Continue reading

  • Mighty Girls To The Rescue: Books Starring Sword-Wielding Girls and Women

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    When it’s time for the brave young adventurer to pick up a sword and save the day, who says that adventurer has to be a boy? Sword-wielding Mighty Girls make for thrilling, dramatic fiction! If you have a child or teen who loves action, adventure, derring-do -- and a well-honed blade -- then there’s sure to be a perfect title for them in our new blog post showcasing our favorite books starring girls and women who are at home with a blade in hand.

    In addition to being fun and action-packed, these stories set in times long ago or worlds of fantasy provide a powerful opportunity to talk about stereotyping and sexism in the real world -- after all, the only reason a female adventurer or warrior would be surprising is the influence of our own culture.

    So if your child or teen has ever imagined being the brave knight and fighting for the good of the realm, check out these books to give her more fodder for her dreams of action and adventure! For even more tales of daring Mighty Girls -- in real-life and fiction -- visit our Action & Adventure book section. Continue reading

  • Mighty Girls and their Grandparents: Love Through the Generations

    By Katherine Handcock, A Mighty Girl Communications Specialist

    JooneMany Mighty Girls know how special a relationship with grandparents can be. Whether they’re part of their day-to-day life or a visit with them is a special treat, grandparents can offer a unique family connection to girls of all ages.

    Grandparents’ Day, held on the second Sunday of September, is a day to honor and celebrate that special relationship. To mark Grandparents’ Day, A Mighty Girl is excited to showcase many of our favorite books starring Mighty Girls and their grandparents!

    Joone by Emily Kate Moon (age 3 - 5)

    Joone is not your ordinary girl: she lives in a yurt with her grandfather, who's got just the right spirit of fun to appreciate a granddaughter who loves orange, ice cream, and pet turtles that ride on her hat. Grandpa teaches Joone new things every day, and sometimes she's even able to return the favor -- after all, even a grandfather should know how to make a daisy chain! This charming story celebrates how grandfather and granddaughter sometimes understand one another just perfectly. Continue reading

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