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Growing Creativity

Top 60 Arts and Crafts Toys for Mighty Girls

A Mighty Girl's top arts & crafts toys for creative Mighty Girls all ages!

As many kids — and adults — know, there are few things as satisfying as expressing your creativity! Whether you're painting a picture, playing a song, or making something beautiful, arts and crafts inspire the maker as much as those who see them. And there's no better way to keep hands and minds busy if the weather is bad than with a fun new project!

If you'd like to give the gift of creative play this holiday, we've collected some of our favorite arts and crafts toys and kits in this blog post. In the first section, we've featured toys and kits for drawing, painting, and sculpting; in the second part, we've shared our favorite fabric craft kits; and in the final section, we've showcased a variety of real and pretend play musical instruments for all ages. So take a look, and see what things your Mighty Girl could make by hand this holiday!

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Color and Shape: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, and More

From the first scribbles on a piece of paper or shapes in dough, to elaborate, detailed works of art, most kids enjoy playing with color, shape, and texture. These toys will help you set up an art section that's sure to inspire.

Easy Playhouse Castle

Why not give you child their very own castle — one she can decorate herself! This cardboard castle from Easy Playhouse is easy to assemble, and it's reversible, so kids can draw, paint, or color on both sides of each piece. Two doors, four large windows, and four turrets provide fun details, while the 32" square interior provides room for more than one ruler, knight, or magician to play!

Art Master Desk

This terrific child-sized desk from Step2 provides plenty of storage for the budding artist! Molded-in compartments make it easy to keep different art supplies separate, and kids will love the push-button light that ensures they can see easily as they work. A hinged dry-erase writing surface conceals even more storage underneath! Plus, parents will love the durable construction — and the easy-clean surfaces for when art gets a bit messy.

Kids Art Portfolio

You need a space to save all of your child's amazing artwork! This colorful storage case will hold sheets up to 12 by 18 inches in size. Nine expandable accordion pockets allow you to sort the artwork so it's easy to find the piece you're looking for. The front even includes a space for your child's name or for a 4" x 6" photograph of your budding artist.

Play-Doh 36 Can Mega Pack

You'll have hours of molding, modeling, squishy fun with this 36-pack of Play-Doh cans — each one a unique color! Each container holds 3 ounces of Play-Doh, perfect to roll, stretch, and shape. Bring them out a few at a time, or take them all out at once for a rainbow of possibilities. With so many colors to choose from, her imagination can really soar! For another option with plenty of Play-Doh cans to choose from, check out this 24 pack.

My Giant Busy Box

Keep them busy with this kit full of supplies to make dough animals, a farm collage, paper bag puppets, and more! You'll be amazed at all the stuff that comes in this kit, as well as all the projects that it allows your kids to create. The set includes plastic frames, animal punch outs, play dough, tissue art outlines, and piles of tissue paper, glue, pipe cleaners, and more. It's a young crafter's dream!

Early Explorer All-In-One Easel

Every artist needs an easel! This double-sided easel from Hape features a chalk board on one side and a dry-erase board on the other side. The included paper roll mounts at the top, while screw-down clamps ensure that things stay in place while she paints and draws. Parents will love the large tray for holding art supplies and the included drip-reducing and sealable pots for paint. Plus, like all Hape toys, it's made from sustainably sourced woods.

Color Wonder Mess-Free Art Desk

With Crayola's Color Wonder Art Desk, you can have mess-free coloring fun anywhere! This portable art desk comes with Color Wonder markers and ink pad that only mark on Color Wonder paper. Five jungle-themed stamps give kids an easy way to add animal characters to their drawings. When you're done, pack everything up in the self-contained storage. And don't forget to grab some extra Color Wonder paper so she can create as many masterpieces as she pleases!

My First Sticky Mosaics - Pets

Kids will reveal a variety of household animals by sticking foam mosaic tiles into their proper places! This decorate-by-numbers set uses larger foam squares than most sets, making it easier for younger kids to use. Over 1,000 foam pieces and five fun designs let kids create mosaic masterpieces. The set even includes five wall hangers can hang their artwork on display.

Medieval Castle Playhouse

Decorate your own castle with this playhouse from Box Creations! This cardboard structure is easy to assemble but sturdy enough to stand up to serious play. At 52" long, 43" wide, and 40" wide, it's big enough for multiple kids to play and decorate together. Four markers are included, but you can also bring in your own craft supplies to make the castle whatever you imagine. For an additional option, Box Creations also makes a Pirate Ship Playhouse.

Kidizoom Camera

Budding photographers will love this sturdy 1.3 megapixel camera that takes both stills and video! The camera includes a 4X zoom and wacky photo effects, and you can also connect it to a computer to download their shots. Store over 800 pictures on the camera itself, or expand the storage capacity with a standard microSD card. It's a fun way to get your child into the art of photography.

Desk To Go

Kids can draw or color anywhere with this handy portable desk from Alex Toys. Large zippered compartments hold art supplies like paper and markers, while the exterior has straps to hold a 9 by 12" notebook. It easily fits on a lap or on an airplane tray table, so it's perfect for travel. Kids will love being able to take their art wherever inspiration strikes them!

Design Your Own Butterfly Wings

Create your own set of beautiful butterfly wings with this craft kit from Seedling! Color the cotton wings with the included permanent craft markers and accent your work with the glitter glue. The result is a unique wearable art project that she’ll love! The 46" wings are excellent for dress-up play and make a gorgeous canvas for your colorful design, while the tie-on straps and finger loops make it easy for her to imagine herself as a butterfly in flight.

Kinetic Sand (11lb pack)

Unlike typical play sand, this sand actually moves! Kinetic Sand "flows" through your fingers and sticks to itself as if it were wet, but doesn't stick to fingers or clothing. Because it clumps nicely, kids can easily build sand castles, tunnels, and other structures. It's easy to clean up and it never dries out, so it makes an easy sensory play activity to keep handy to use any time. This 11lb package provides plenty of sand to fill a good-sized bin, so more than one child can play at a time.

Magnet Mosaics Kids

You can make mosaics over and over again with this versatile kit! The 1/2" magnetic tiles are easy to handle, whether you're matching the guides on the black and white numbered templates or creating your own mosaic creation. Will 600 foam cubes and a 12 by 17 inch easel, you'll be amazed at what you can create — and then, take it all apart to do again. Kids can also make a permanent piece of mosaic art with the My First Sticky Mosaics: Pets kit (age 3 - 8), which uses stickers instead of magnets.

Inspiration Art Case

Seeing a bunch of art supplies in every color of the rainbow can't help but be inspiring! This huge set from Crayola includes crayons, colored pencils, and two styles of markers, as well as paper, scissors, and a color-your-own stickers set. When it's time to get on the move, everything packs into the included case. 150 total pieces ensure that your child will always have just the right color to make their works of art.

Make Your Own Cards

You can create beautiful, personalized cards with ease with the elements in this lovely set from Made by Hands. Over 500 pop-out shapes can be used to make a variety of cards for friends and family, from birthday wishes to party invitations to thank you notes. Twenty blank cards in seven colors and twenty envelopes are included to get you started.

Qixels Turbo Dryer

Build mosaic art in a whole new way with Qixels! These little cubes fuse when you spray them with water; let them dry and you've got a permanent design. The drying process is much faster with this Turbo Dryer, which lets you spin your design to get the excess water off. 500 cubes are included with this set, but you'll want to ensure you've got refills on hand: making this pixelated artwork is positively addictive.

Create Your Own: 3 Bitty Books

Kids love books that are sized to their hands — but they'll love them even more when they get to be the author! This set includes three 4 by 5 inch bitty books, each with 12 double-sided pages, that kids can write in with the included markers and decorate with stickers. As a bonus, the set includes a book holder they can decorate to store their books. It's the perfect way to let kids experience the excitement of being an author.

Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden

Create and grow your own miniature fairy world with this set from Faber and Castell! Paint the pot, ornament it with fun accessories like a flower fairy, a fairy house, gems, and more, then plant the wheatgrass and bean mixture and watch your garden grow. Kids will be proud to say that they made the cheerful green garden on the windowsill — no fairy magic required!

IlluStory Make Your Own Book Kit

Imagine how exciting it will be when your child sees their own writing and artwork as a professionally published full-color 7 x 9 hardcover book! With this kit from IlluStory, kids get the materials to create their book, then send them off to be printed in a hardcover volume, complete with an "about the author" page. You can even order additional copies of the book as gifts for family members. For an enhanced version of this kit, check out the My Awesome Book set which lets kids produce a full-color, 8 1/2 x 11, professionally typeset hardcover book and comes with a writing guide by NY Times bestselling children’s author Peter H. Reynolds. (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

Create Your Own: Pop Up Books

Pop up books are a perennial favorite, and it's a rare kid who doesn't wonder, "How do they do that?" Now she can not only find out, but make two of her own with this kit from Faber and Castell! Illustrated instructions provide some story seeds and step-by-step pop-up ideas, but in the end, she's only limited by her imagination.

Deluxe Scratch Art Kit

Reveal designs with spectacular holographic effects with this scratch art kit from Melissa and Doug! Sixteen scratch art boards are included, four each of Scratch and Sparkle, Rainbow Black, Rainbow White, and Scratch-Lite translucent styles. Kids can use the included stencils to scratch stenciled shapes, or just let their imagination go and scratch whatever pictures they please!

Paint-A-Birdhouse Kit

You can put your own artistic flair on this birdhouse from Toysmith! This 6.5" tall birdhouse comes with four paints that you can mix to create a wide variety of shades. Once it looks just right, hang it using the included link chain and wait for your feathered friends to arrive and enjoy.

Hue Animation Studio

Even kids as young as 5 can make their own stop motion films with this great set! The Hue HD camera, with its plug-and-play design and its adjustable neck, ensures that kids can get just the right angle for their shots, while the included software lets them add text or special effects, record sounds, import music and audio, and more. Both PC and Mac versions are available of this set, which will make kids appreciate the time and effort that goes into the movies they love on the big screen!

Draw Like A Pro Studio

You can make the proportions of your picture just right with a little help from this set from Alex Toys! Insert a pre-printed slide and switch on the projector to trace the outline of whatever you want to draw. By tilting the light forwards and backwards, you can make wacky proportions, or you can mix and match heads and bodies to create new characters. It even provides a step-by-step guide to making your own flip book!

Fantastic Spinner

Make spectacular "fireworks" of paint with Alex's spinner! Squeeze the handle a few times to bring the spinner up to speed, then experiment with dripping paint in different ways and places to see what patterns are created by the centripetal force. The results provide unique artwork for other crafts, including cards, collages, and more. The set comes with 20 spin paper cards and four bottles of paint to get you started!

Paint Your Own Horse Kit

With this kit from Breyer, she can create her very own dream horse model! This set comes with two realistic 6" horse models, paints, and brushes, as well as an instruction manual that includes reference photos of a wide variety of horse markings. Once her models are painted, she can keep them on a shelf for display, or add them to her Breyer horse collection. It's the perfect holiday project for horse-loving kids.

Gel Pen Art Set

Add variety to your drawing and coloring with this giant set of gel pens from Tanmit! Sixty pens are included, including pastels, fluorescents, glitter, metallic, neon, and even six pens that swirl multiple colors together for a unique effect. The 0.8mm to 1mm tips are durable and precise, while the gel ink flows smoothly and is water-resistant. They all store neatly in an included storage case so you can easily find just the right color.

Deluxe Art Set

Feel like a real artist with this 82-piece set that comes in an elegant wooden case. This quality art set includes 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, and 24 watercolor cakes, as well as brushes, drawing pencils, and more, to provide plenty of different effects to get a picture just so. Everything is neatly organized in the case, so it's easy to take the supplies where you need them — and find what you're looking for. Add a little imagination and it's all you need to make great art.

Design Your Own Dragon Kit

Fans of Pete's Dragon can design their own dragon friend with this craft kit from Seedling and Disney! Paint the wooden dragon and wings to your taste, then add faux fur, felt, and more to make it your own. When you're done, you can display your dragon with pride! Everything you need is included inside the box, so all you have to do is pop it open and get crafting.

My Comic Book - Create Your Own Comic

Be a comic artist like you've always dreamed with this kit from Lulu Jr.! Write and illustrate your own comic on the included sheets, then send them off to Lulu Jr. and they'll print an 18-page comic book that looks just like the real thing! It even includes a professionally typeset title page. You can order additional copies online as well, so you can have your own mini comic run! (Please note: completed books can only ship within the US.)

Design Your Own Tea Party Kit

Fans of Alice in Wonderland — either the book or the Disney movie — will love this set from Seedling that lets you create your own tea set! Paint the 10-piece mini ceramic tea set, then enjoy holding your own tea parties on the printed felt mat. Everything you need is included, so you’ll be sipping tea in no time!

Woodcraft 3D Animal Puzzle

Build and paint your own beautiful animal figure with this set from BFUN! This 3D puzzle has wood pieces that fit perfectly, making them easy to assemble with no glue or tools. A variety of different animals including a dolphin, butterfly, dinosaur, and others are available. Once you've figured out how it all goes together, paint it in the colors you love for a custom-made work of art! Parents will also love that this set is made with FSC certified wood, so you can feel good about what your kids are making.

Animation Praxinoscope

If it's amazing to think of the work that goes into an animated film today, kids will be even more amazed as they use this kit to rebuild one of the first moving picture machines! This set from 4M allows kids to build their own praxinoscope, which they can use to watch one of the six double-sided animation sheets — or to experiment with their own animation on one of the six blank sheets. The completed praxinoscope includes a yellow LED light to ensure it's always bright enough to view. It's a fun, hands-on look at a piece of movie history.

Foil Dragon Pictures Kit

It's easy to make beautiful foil art pieces featuring stunning dragons with this kit from Djeco! This kit uses sticky templates that you can reveal in sections. Choose one of the nine different colors of glitter foil, peel to reveal the adhesive, and lay your foil with ease. With four different templates to embellish, each featuring a different dragon, it's a perfect pick for any arts and crafts or dragon fan.

Nature Kaleidoscope Kit

Most kids find kaleidoscopes amazing, and they're even more fun if you make it yourself! This kit from Gemini allows kids to make their own using elements from nature instead of beads. Use the parts to build an 8 1/2" scope, wrap it with one of two nature drawings that you color yourself, and then swap between dried flowers, polished gems, glass marbles, and minerals to create a truly unique kaleidoscope view.

Twirled Paper: Make Almost Anything With Simple Paper Strips

With this kid from Klutz, she can try out the traditional art of quilling with a modern twist! Quilling is the 500-year-old art of curling strips of paper to make decorative scrollwork. With this set, she'll learn to apply that idea to creating funny and cheerful designs like animals, flowers, and more. You can complete thirty projects with the step-by-step instructions and over 100 brightly colored paper strips that come in this kit — all it takes is the twirling wand, some googly eyes, some glue — and your imagination.

Marker Maker: Wacky Tips

Experiment with color by making your own custom markers, then top them off with wacky tips that create different patterns as you draw! The set comes with three ink bottles and a mixing chart to get you started in making 16 unique markers, but no one says you have to follow the guide — you can always mix and match to your own taste. Plus, the fun doesn't have to end when you run out of ink or marker barrels: refills are available separately.

Klutz LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit

Got a budding filmmaker to buy for? With this kit from Klutz she'll learn how to make stop-motion animated films using everyone's favorite building blocks! This beginner-friendly guide teaches kids the basics of stop-motion, and walks you through making ten "mini-movies" with your phone or tablet. Six included background settings and thirty-six LEGO elements — including mini figures and fun accessories like a pizza, a banana, and more — will get her started; then, she can use what she's learned to create her own masterpiece!

Magnetic Mini Tile Art

You can make magnetic works of art that are perfect for fridges, locker doors, or other magnetic surfaces! You'll paint any design that strikes your fancy on these 2 by 2 inch tiles, then attach magnetic backing so that you can attach them to any magnetic surface. Five paint shades are included, which can be mixed to make just about any color you want. They're perfect for decorating your own space or for special gifts for friends and family.

Stencil Art Kit

Tweens will be amazed at the effects you can create with stencil art! This kit from Klutz teaches kids the basics of stenciling with an instruction book full of tips, tricks, and inspiration. 72 different stencils — both kid-friendly shapes like flowers and aliens and abstract geometric shapes kids can use to create their own images — are included, as well as eight different ink colors and fourteen pages of stickers for that finishing touch.

Aquarelle Horses Easy Watercolor Kit

Combine a love of horses with a love of arts and crafts with this kit from Aquarelle! This set makes watercolors easy with a three-pack of canvases, each with a different pre-printed thin wax outline that prevents watercolors from running and mixing together. The wax becomes a thin white outline, helping your picture stand out! This set includes three canvases, plus brushes, paints, and a water pipette.

Make Clay Charms Kit

It's easy to make adorable miniature clay charms with this fun kit from Klutz! By following the step-by-step instructions, kids can make 35 different designs, from friendly fruit to adorable animals. Once you've baked them dry and given them a coat of glaze, you can attach them to the included charm bracelet! This kit is a great way to get kids started sculpting with clay.

Empower Poster Kit

Words are a powerful thing! This empowering kit lets tweens and teens design a poster that celebrates all the things that make them special. Start by layering tissue paper on the 9/75" by 14.75" poster board, then select words that describe you from a selection of dozens of different attributes: everything from adventurous to kind to shy to silly. The end result is a poster as unique as your child.

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Remember being amazed at the complex designs you could make with a few spins of the Spirograph? The original Spirograph is back, and with this 45-piece set, it's better than ever. With wheels, rings, putty, and even a guidebook to get your started creating designs, it won't be long until you're spinning beautiful images. Best of all, everything fits in the included carrying case so you'll always know where your supplies are.

Innovation Marbling / Suminagashi Kit

It's amazingly easy to create beautiful marbled effects on paper, fabric, and other absorbent materials with this kit from Aitoh! Drip a combination of the six non-toxic marbling inks onto the water's surface, swirl it so the pattern is just right, then lay your material on top to pick up the gorgeous colors. Then, use your marbled material for cards, collages, and more. It’s an ancient art that can be used in all sorts of creative modern ways.

124-Piece Sketching and Drawing Easel Set

This set from Royal & Langnickel provides a selection of quality artist's tools inside a very useful storage case! An assortment of pencils, pastels, and charcoals, plus a couple of different sketch books, nest inside this clever chest. When you're at your destination, the chest's lid flips up and locks in place to use as an easel! The sturdy, high-quality case is handy enough that your young artist will use it for years.

3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set

Doodling is even more fun in 3D! The 3Doodler Start is a kid-safe 3D pen; by melting plastic that rapidly cools and hardens, allowing kids to "draw" in the air. The starter kit includes a pen, a project booklet, and two packs of biodegradable, non-toxic, BPA-free plastic, but additional pens and additional plastic packs are available so the only limit is your imagination!

Do Art Fizzy Paint Set

With this innovative paint set from Faber-Castell, kids learn the basics of color and color mixing while having fizzy fun! Add water to make the fizzy paints bubble, and paint it on like watercolors. Guided instructions provide tips for experimenting with new techniques. Plus, handy storage containers let you use your paints again and again. The kit even includes frames and hang tabs to display your work!

Creative Escapes Coloring Book and Marker Art Activity Set

Coloring doesn't have to be for kids — and in fact, many tweens, teens, and adults find coloring elaborate designs a great way to relieve stress and boost creativity. This set from Crayola will get you started doing just that! Twenty-five 11 by 14 inch sheets provide elaborate, detailed pictures to color, from nature scenes to geometric designs. A set of Twistables colored pencils and fine line markers give you plenty of tools to create beautiful art.

40-Piece Drawing and Sketching Set

Everything you need to draw and sketching is packed into this handy travel case from Castle Art Supplies! A vast selection of drawing and sketching pencils, charcoals, blenders, erasers, and more are tucked inside. Thanks to the handy pop-up design of the case, it's easy to select exactly the tool you need, whether you're dashing off a quick sketch or putting polished details on your work.

Geometric Origami

Art and math combine in innovative ways with this set! Instead of folding paper to create animals, flowers, and so on, kids will learn folds that allow them to create remarkably complex geometric shapes. A paper crane may be impressive — but so is a compass rose or a lightning bolt octahedron. The set comes with both a manual and a DVD, so kids can see the folds happen in real time. 120 pieces of origami paper are included, but plan on getting more for your eager folder.

Tibetan Mandalas

With this colorful set, kids can try making beautiful sand mandalas, right in the box! The activity pieces slot into the 9 by 9 inch box, and kids peel away small sections at a time, then cover each section with a small amount of sand. Tap out the excess back into the sand container, and then reveal the next section. She'll be making beautiful sand art in no time! Twelve colors of sand and four activity pieces are included.

Manga Markers

Young manga and anime fans will love this 12 marker that's perfect for a budding manga artist! These markers are double-ended — chisel tip on one end, fine tip on the other — but use one ink reservoir, so you can be confident colors will match. The rich colors have been selected to match common colors from manga art, and their smooth application and durable tips will have her drawing happily for hours.

Pride and Prejudice Coloring Book

Celebrate one of the great English novels with this beautiful coloring book inspired by Pride and Prejudice! Each page features a quote from the novel, surrounded by intricate patterns and details to color. It also includes a fascinating guide to the Victorian language of flowers. Even the cover gets extra attention with its gold foil accents! It's the perfect choice for any Jane Austen fan.

Wood Burning Kit

You don't need paper to make art! Wood burning can create beautiful and detailed images, and with this kit, teens and adults can start learning this traditional craft. The set includes a hot tool with four different points, as well as several basswood plaques, colored pencils, patterns, and transfer paper. Follow the directions step by step (and with adult supervision) to make incredibly elaborate etchings in no time.

Loop, Stitch, and Weave: Fabric and Textile Crafts

From knitting to embroidery to woven bracelets, crafters can do amazing things with a few twists, loops, and stitches. The crafts kits will get kids exploring the world of fabric and textile crafts.

Magical Hero Cape Design Set

Toddlers can customize their own cape with this simple fabric craft set from the Seedling Littles line! The soft cotton cape features a unicorn design and includes easy-to-attach felt pieces including a rainbow, clouds, stars, and more. A pair of felt armbands completes the look, and for a little extra fun, parents can download the Seedling Littles app to bring part of the cape to life in augmented reality. For kids who are eager to experiment with fabric but not old enough yet for needle and thread, this is a great option to let them play and explore.

Created by Me Quilt Kit

Making your own quilt has never been so easy! Kids can quickly and simply knot the fringed squares together — no cutting or sewing required. The forty-eight 12" squares come in colorful, coordinating patterns so that kids can lay them out however they'd like. The soft, cozy fleece is sure to keep her — or the lucky person she gives it to — warm and snuggly all winter long.

My First Sewing Kit

In addition to being a useful skill, sewing is a craft with tremendous potential! This kit from Alex Toys will get kids started right away with pre-cut pattern pieces for plenty of fun projects. Kids will work with embroidery floss, learn to attach notions like buttons and rick-rack, as well as learning sewing basics like pinning and using a thimble. It's a great way to get an eager little crafter started.

Quick Knit Loom

Traditional knitting is tricky because of working with needles; this knit loom makes it quick and easy! Wind the yarn around the tools provided and flip the yarn loops to create hats, scarves, bags, and more. This set includes a circle loom and a two-sided hand loom, plus 90 yards of yarn to get you started. For a finishing touch, use the tassel-maker to create your own custom details!

Sew First Sewing Kit

From threading a needle to sewing her first project, this sewing kit from Sew First will help her do it all! Designed by a sewist mom to encourage kids to learn this fun and useful skill, this kit includes enough material to make multiple stuffed animals and sewing accessories. When she's finished all the included projects, the reusable case provides the perfect spot to keep all of her notions for future sewing sessions.

Happily Ever Crafter

Learn the essentials of embroidering, crocheting, and sewing with one cool kit from Alex Toys! Everything you need to make nine different projects, including a stuffed dog, a scarf, a coin purse, and more, comes packed into a hand case that also works for storing all your crafting bits and pieces. Once you've learned the basic skills, use the rest of the materials to make your own creation!

Woodland Friends Sewing Kit

Learn to sew — and learn about the creatures that live in our forests — all in one with this kit from Craftster's Sewing Kits! Kids will sew a fox, owl, bear, rabbit, and chickadee, and along the way they'll learn basic sewing techniques and interesting information about the animals themselves. Five needles are included, making this set ideal for both individuals and groups. Fans of this set can also check out the Wild Friends Safari Sewing and Craft Kit from Four Seasons Crafting.

Yarn Giraffes Kit

Create your own elegant and colorful yarn-wrapped giraffes with this kit from Craft-tastic! Two cardboard giraffes, one 12.75" tall and one 9.75" tall, are included in this set, along with twelve bright and cheerful yarn colors to use for wrapping. The included instructions show what order to wrap in to get the best effect; the result is perfect for kids to proudly display!

Little Monsters Sewing Kit

Basics of sewing are fun to learn when you're making these colorful little monsters! Everything you need to make five fun monster projects, including a phone case / wallet, is included in this easy to use kit. Pre-cut and pre-perforated felt pieces make it simple to end up with great results, building confidence as you go. There are even enough needles in the kit for multiple kids to work at once, making this a great option for siblings or craft parties.

My Embroidery Kit

Learn the techniques of embroidery step-by-step with this great kit from Alex Toys. Start off with a simple headband project to whet your appetite, then get deeper into the craft by learning 12 different stitches you can use to embellish fabric. Kids will even learn how to incorporate buttons and beads into their embroidery projects. This kit is the perfect way to foster a lifelong love of stitching.

Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

Kids will be amazed at how versatile a seemingly simple loom can be! With this kit's 91 yards of rainbow yarn, kids can make a scarf, a tasseled coaster, a drawstring pouch, or something of their own invention. Then, switch over to tapestry making with the 42 picture strips that create 3 different picture tapestries. With its easy to use adjustable frame, this kit is the perfect introduction to this venerable art.

Sew and Stuff: Owls

With this kit from American Girl, you can sew a friendly stuffed owl for you — plus a mini one for your doll! With 24 felt pieces, embroidery floss, and sequins, you can make these owls truly your own. The project and idea booklet include all the directions you need to make this fun project. Kids who like this set can also check out the Sew and Stuff: Raccoons Kit.

Felted Friends Kit

It's amazingly easy to make adorable stuffed animals with needle felting, and this kit will show you how! Klutz's needle felting tool is simple to use for beginners, and with a selection of 100% natural wool in six vibrant colors to create six different fuzzy friends, kids will quickly learn the basic techniques. A 52-page instructional booklet provides tips and tricks, as well as inspiration for future projects.

Sew and Stuff Monkeys

Create two friendly monkey pillows — one sized for you and one sized for your doll — with this kit from American Girl Crafts! Pre-cut felt pieces are perforated to make it easy for kids to see where each stitch should go. This easy-to-assemble kit will help kids build confidence, and then they can look at the included idea booklet for inspiration for their next sewing project.

i-Loom Starter Park

This device and its accompanying app is a great way to easily learn multiple knotting techniques and braiding patterns! Download one of an ever-growing library of i-Patterns, or use the Pattern Creator to design your own. The i-Loom also helps you organize your supplies so that there's no waste, making more projects out of the same amount of thread. It's a unique way to incorporate new technology into a classic craft. (Please note: the i-Loom app is currently available on iOS; the Android release is expected in early 2016).

Sea Turtle String Art

It's easy to create a beautiful piece of string art with this kit from FlowCraft. This set comes with a handcrafted wooden board and a pre-constructed template with chrome-plated nails, plus plenty of colorful string for you to choose from. Follow the instructions and you'll soon have a personalized display piece, ready for hanging. For a wide variety of string art projects to try, check out Klutz's String Art Kit for ages 10 and up.

Needle Felting Kit

In needle felting, you "paint" by poking colorful roving wool into canvas — no glue or sewing required! This kit from Artterro provides a solid introduction to the craft, and comes with four canvases to decorate and plenty of roving wool to make colorful designs. The including booklet offers tips as well as plenty of inspiration for new felters.

Yarn Tree Kit

Wrap your own beautiful yarn tree with this kit from Craft-Tastic! An 18" tall bendable wire tree and plenty of colorful yarn allow you to create a tree that's uniquely yours. The instruction guide shows you how to properly wrap the yarn for a tight, seamless look. Then, bend the tree's branches into shape and use it to store jewelry or as a decorative accent. For another fun yarn-wrapping kit, check out the Yarn Giraffes Kit.

Knot-A-Shark Kit

Snuggle up for your favorite shark documentary with this cool blanket that you can make yourself! With this kit from Alex, you can knot your very own shark blanket. Stitch the shark's face together (made easy with pre-cut, pre-punched felt pieces); then knot the sides together to create a snuggly fleece blanket that you can crawl into for sleepovers, TV watching, and more. Your completed shark blanket measures 42 by 60 inches, including the tail.

Rainbow Loom

It's amazing the things you can do with colored rubber bands! This updated version of the Rainbow Loom that kicked off the rubber band bracelet craze features a sturdier metal hook, designed to hold up to the hours and hours of crafting that these looms get. 600 latex free rubber bands are included, as well as 25 C clips, but be prepared to go hunting for refills. With plenty of fun colors — including metallics, tie-dye, and even glow in the dark — you'll even be tempted to give it a try yourself.

Yarn Unicorns Kit

Got a unicorn lover on your gift list this year? She can make two adorable yarn-wrapped unicorns with this set from Craft-Tastic! Step-by-step instructions guide new crafters through putting together the cardboard template, wrapping the yarn, and even adding extra touches with chenille stems, cotton thread, and glitter. When she's done, she'll have a pair of yarn unicorns she can proudly display and say, "I made them myself!" For two more Craft-Tastic yarn wrapping kits, check out the Yarn Giraffes Kit for ages 7 to 12 and the Yarn Tree Kit for 8 and up.

Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch

Combine crafting with a lesson in feminist icons with this book of cross-stitch patterns by Anna Fleiss and‎ Lauren Mancuso! This book combines capsule biographies of each woman with a cross-stitch portrait. A section at the beginning teaches new cross-stitchers the basics, including how to select quality materials for your celebration of these inspiring women.

Making Music: Music Toys and Musical Instruments

Music is an integral part of the creative world — it's hard to imagine life without it. These toys will help kids discover why we call it "playing" music!

Toddler Music Band

This set of five easy-to-use musical instruments from Hohner is perfect for the littlest musicians! Three sound shapes, a wave drum, and a mini glockenspiel with a baby-safe mallet provide lots of potential to explore rhythm and pitch. All the pieces are lead, BPA, and phthalate-free, so you don't have to worry if an instrument becomes a teething toy! It's a great way to get kids into music from the beginning.

KidiBeats Drum Set

Rock out and learn with this drum set from VTech! Four different electronic learning drums let kids play freestyle or drum along to 9 pre-set songs. Or, for more structured learning play, follow the lights on the drums to learn about letters and numbers. Each drum and cymbal has a different sound, so she's sure to get hours of play out of this fun set.

Record and Learn KidiStudio

Even preschoolers can be rock stars with this recording studio from VTech! This toy lets you sing, record, and play back — and even add effects. Play along with more than 40 songs in styles including jazz, rock, and techno, or come up with your own tune. Simple versions of a whammy bar, a scratch disc, and a drumset let kids explore different instrument sounds, too. It's perfect for the budding recording artist or sound engineer!

Child's Accordion

The accordion is one of the world's most popular instruments, and kids can easily test it out with this child sized version from Woodstock Percussion. This 2-octave accordion produces an authentic sound and requires kids to actually play — it's an instrument, not a toy! Eight easy-to-play songs are included in the instructions, all packed in a decorative box that's perfect for gift giving.

Kids Karaoke Stage Microphone Set

This kid-friendly karaoke set from KidzLane lets you connect any CD player, MP3 player, tablet, or smartphone to sing along to your favorite tracks. Two detachable microphones on extendable stands are included, both fully adjustable for volume, and the set provides some extra pizzazz with flashing lights and 3 built-in dance beats. It's perfect for parties or every day singing fun!

Rhythm Instrument Set

This set from Hohner is a complete rhythm band in a box! With a tambourine, rhythm sticks, a nylon wrist bell, a wood sounder, cymbals with mallets, and a triangle with a striker, there are plenty of instruments here for multiple kids to learn about rhythm play. Six sing-and-play inserts provide age-appropriate songs and activities to get kids jamming.

Kids' Karaoke Machine

Kids can sing along with their favorite songs thanks to this machine from Kidzlane! Two mics let kids sing solo or duet, with independent volume controls. The machine's internal storage can hold up to 100 songs, but there are also four different options to stream music, so there's no end to what kids can sing. Best of all, it's built to stand up to lots of use, so you can have a concert any time.

Gigantic Step and Play Piano

Get your feet moving, not to the music, but making music! This giant vinyl keyboard features 8 instrument sounds and 4 different play modes. You can even records your tunes and play them back! And if the adults in the family just can't resist testing it out, don't worry; it can hold up to some grown-ups playing around too.

Kid's Guitar Starter Pack

Everything your child needs to learn to play the guitar comes in this handy starter pack from Alfred! This award-winning pack includes a high-quality 3/4 size guitar with nylon strings, a gig bag, an electronic tuner, guitar picks, and Alfred's Guitar Course on book, CD, DVD, and software. Kids can learn on their own or work with an instructor who uses the Alfred method. It's won't be long before she'll be strumming away!

SingStand 2 Karaoke Machine

Anyone can be a star with this karaoke machine from Memorex! You can input music from any MP3 player or iPod — as long as it has a headphone jack, you can connect it to the SingStand. Then, use the voice control and echo effects to experiment with your sound. Full-range speakers in the base provide high-quality sound, and if you want to do a duet, the SingStand has a second microphone input. Time for your solo!

Makala MK-S Ukulele

Kala is a premier maker of ukuleles, and this model shows the high quality they devote to even their entry-level instruments. Thanks to the agathis wood top and body, both the appearance and the sound quality of this ukulele are top-notch. A few strums will show why it's worth investing a little more in even a beginner instrument! Add a gig bag and she'll enjoy music wherever she goes!

Compose Yourself Card Game

This clever card game gets you composing your own melodies in minutes! Each card features a series of notes that are like building blocks for a tune; select and arrange several cards, then register online and you can actually hear what you created! The website allows you to flip, rotate, and switch cards until you get a melody you like. It's a great way to get playful with music composition.


You can mix music on your own or with friends with this unique music game from Hasbro! Place DropMix cards onto the board, and a song starts to play; add more cards to mix songs in unexpected ways. Sixty cards are included, featuring hit artists like Bruno Mars, Childish Gambino, Disturbed, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Sam Hunt, Sia, The Weeknd, and more. Booster packs of cards are available to add even more songs to your list. Up to four players can participate in three different modes so the music keeps playing all day long!

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