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Manufacturer: LEGO

A Mighty Girl's Girl Empowerment Holiday Guide
1–36 of 156 items
  1. Lego Wonder Woman Figure Lego Wonder Woman Figure
    $23.95 C$56.92 A$69.06
  2. Lego Intergalactic Girl Figure Lego Intergalactic Girl Figure
    $14.38 C$29.99 A$34.24 £9.95
  3. Lego Skater Girl Figure Lego Skater Girl Figure
    $12.80 C$17.88 A$31.80
  4. Lego Surfer Girl Figure Lego Surfer Girl Figure
    $11.48 C$24.99 A$30.99 £61.00
  5. Lego Rocker Girl Figure Lego Rocker Girl Figure
    $16.95 C$48.95 A$41.45 £22.94
  6. DUPLO Classic 80 Piece Set DUPLO Classic 80 Piece Set
    $15.99 C$26.99 A$161.68 £26.62
  7. LEGO Zookeeper Minifigure LEGO Zookeeper Minifigure
    $16.23 C$31.50 A$31.71 £9.95
  8. LEGO Swimming Champion Minifigure LEGO Swimming Champion Minifigure
    $16.50 C$29.99
  9. LEGO Warrior Woman Minifigure LEGO Warrior Woman Minifigure
    $16.76 C$44.28 A$35.26 £14.99
  10. LEGO Hermione Granger Minifigure LEGO Hermione Granger Minifigure
    $9.48 C$22.46 A$9.63
  11. Professor Minerva McGonagall Minifigure Professor Minerva McGonagall Minifigure
    $10.95 C$15.99 A$21.20
  12. LEGO Cowgirl Minifigure LEGO Cowgirl Minifigure
    $18.95 C$44.99 A$30.70 £13.99
  13. Lego Dino Tracker Minifigure Lego Dino Tracker Minifigure
    $6.99 C$15.99 A$98.00 £8.95
  14. LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box
    $43.00 C$54.88 A$66.00 £40.99
  15. DUPLO Farm Animals DUPLO Farm Animals
    $9.99 C$13.98 A$9.60 £8.99
  16. DUPLO Classic 65-Piece Brick Box DUPLO Classic 65-Piece Brick Box
    $23.99 C$39.99 A$39.00 £39.47
  17. LEGO Education Space and Airport Set LEGO Education Space and Airport Set
    $122.61 C$259.05
  18. DUPLO Fire Station DUPLO Fire Station
    $99.99 C$88.00 £64.99
  19. Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box
    $28.00 C$39.99 A$45.00 £24.99
  20. DUPLO Creative Animals Set DUPLO Creative Animals Set
    $47.00 C$79.86 A$179.99 £69.61
  21. LEGO Buildable Figures: Rey (The Force Awakens) LEGO Buildable Figures: Rey (The Force Awakens)
    $24.74 C$52.40 A$76.63 £35.00
  22. LEGO City Ocean Exploration Ship LEGO City Ocean Exploration Ship
    $252.99 C$379.99 A$341.04 £230.44
  23. LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck
    $26.50 C$39.99 A$39.99
  24. LEGO Architecture New York City LEGO Architecture New York City
    $49.99 C$59.99 A$124.63 £40.00
  25. LEGO Education DUPLO Build Me Emotions LEGO Education DUPLO Build Me Emotions
    $89.95 C$141.01 A$341.27
  26. LEGO Education Creative Brick Set LEGO Education Creative Brick Set
    $79.95 C$185.44 A$309.27 £140.95
  27. LEGO Education Creative DUPLO Brick Set LEGO Education Creative DUPLO Brick Set
    $74.95 C$328.27 A$333.41 £66.51
  28. LEGO Creator Easter Chick LEGO Creator Easter Chick
    $6.00 C$15.99 A$18.23 £11.49
  29. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs
    $11.99 C$17.86 A$29.99 £14.92
  30. LEGO Wildlife Photographer Minifigure LEGO Wildlife Photographer Minifigure
    $15.37 C$24.87 A$32.08
  31. LEGO BrickHeadz Batgirl LEGO BrickHeadz Batgirl
    $25.99 C$39.99 £23.00
  32. LEGO BrickHeadz Black Widow LEGO BrickHeadz Black Widow
    $28.80 C$29.97 A$76.00 £45.23
  33. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V
    $194.90 C$246.34 A$400.00 £144.90
  34. LEGO Women of NASA Building Kit LEGO Women of NASA Building Kit
    $50.54 C$79.99 A$157.67 £52.95
  35. LEGO Hogwarts Express LEGO Hogwarts Express
    $73.00 C$169.50 A$234.87 £96.35
  36. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle
    $124.99 C$139.97 £190.94
1–36 of 156 items