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Manufacturer: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

A Mighty Girl's Girl Empowerment Holiday Guide
27 items
  1. Harriet Tubman Finger Puppet & Magnet Harriet Tubman Finger Puppet & Magnet
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt Finger Puppet & Magnet Eleanor Roosevelt Finger Puppet & Magnet
  3. Frida Kahlo Finger Puppet & Magnet Frida Kahlo Finger Puppet & Magnet
    $8.95 A$40.49 £9.99
  4. Frida Kahlo Plush Doll Frida Kahlo Plush Doll
    $23.95 C$26.95
  5. Zora Neale Hurston Finger Puppet & Magnet Zora Neale Hurston Finger Puppet & Magnet
    A$40.49 £50.60
  6. Betsy Ross Finger Puppet & Magnet Betsy Ross Finger Puppet & Magnet
  7. Marie Curie Finger Puppet & Magnet Marie Curie Finger Puppet & Magnet
  8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Finger Puppet & Magnet Ruth Bader Ginsburg Finger Puppet & Magnet
    $9.95 A$40.49 £50.32
  9. Frida's Frocks and Smocks Magnetic Dress-Up Frida's Frocks and Smocks Magnetic Dress-Up
  10. Frida Kahlo "Reflections" Sticky Notes Frida Kahlo "Reflections" Sticky Notes
    $7.95 C$9.95 A$84.00
  11. Rosie the Riveter Plush Doll Rosie the Riveter Plush Doll
  12. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Plush Doll Ruth Bader Ginsburg Plush Doll
    $23.95 C$26.95
  13. Rosie the Riveter Finger Puppet & Magnet Rosie the Riveter Finger Puppet & Magnet
  14. Dorothy Parker Finger Puppet & Magnet Dorothy Parker Finger Puppet & Magnet
  15. Jane Austen Finger Puppet & Magnet Jane Austen Finger Puppet & Magnet
  16. Uhura Finger Puppet & Magnet Uhura Finger Puppet & Magnet
  17. Maya Angelou Finger Puppet & Magnet Maya Angelou Finger Puppet & Magnet
  18. Jane Austen Quotes Pouch Jane Austen Quotes Pouch
    $15.95 C$20.95 A$93.14
  19. Frida Kahlo Zipper Pouch Frida Kahlo Zipper Pouch
    $15.95 C$20.95
  20. Michelle Obama Finger Puppet & Magnet Michelle Obama Finger Puppet & Magnet
  21. Jane Austen Literary Lines 1,000-Piece Puzzle Jane Austen Literary Lines 1,000-Piece Puzzle
    $19.95 C$25.95 A$214.50 £45.85
  22. Harriet Tubman Plush Doll Harriet Tubman Plush Doll
    $23.95 C$26.95
  23. Kamala Harris Finger Puppet & Magnet Kamala Harris Finger Puppet & Magnet
  24. Michelle Obama Plush Doll Michelle Obama Plush Doll
  25. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Dress to Dissent Magnet Set Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Dress to Dissent Magnet Set
  26. FemiNotes Sticky Notes Booklet FemiNotes Sticky Notes Booklet
    $7.95 A$172.76 £7.95
  27. Shirley Chisholm Finger Puppet & Magnet Shirley Chisholm Finger Puppet & Magnet
27 items