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  • "It feels like we've accidentally created a community of young people who just really wanted to help right now."

    It all started with a Facebook post. "Is there a way for an able-bodied 25-year-old to volunteer to help deliver groceries/supplies to elderly tenants around the city? Does anyone know of something like this?" Simone Policano, an actor and producer who lives in New York City, wrote on March 12 as the number of coronavirus cases were starting to rise.  When she couldn't find an organization already coordinating volunteers for at-home deliveries, Policano and her friend Liam Elkind created Invisible Hands, a "free, volunteer-based delivery service for those most impacted by and most at-risk for severe complications due to COVID-19." Only a few weeks later, over 10,000 predominantly young volunteers are now part of Policano's network, which covers the greater New York area and parts of New Jersey. "We completely did not expect this," Policano says. "In this time where we are stuck in our homes, it's amazing to see young people wanting to help." Continue reading Continue reading

  • "The ability to offer help is one of our greatest gifts," says Becky Hoeffler.

    A Durham, North Carolina woman has stepped up to help elderly neighbors stay safe during the coronavirus threat by getting their groceries! Becky Hoeffler, a Duke University employee who's currently working from home due to the virus, was inspired to start her project when she called to check in on her grandfather. "He told me, 'I’m on my way to the grocery store' and I was just kind of concerned because he’s 91 and I thought, 'is there a reason you have to go to the grocery store?... So that’s what made me think, maybe I can go grocery shopping for others since I do live in a community that has several senior citizen neighbors." Since then, Hoeffler has helped several of her at-risk neighbors avoid crowded stores by getting their groceries on her lunch break. "I think utilizing people power is one of the best ways that we can combat the virus," she says. As Hoeffler told A Mighty Girl, "The ability to offer help is one of our greatest gifts." Continue reading Continue reading

  • 13-year-old Lily has raised over $7,000 to send girls to school by selling handmade fabric lovebirds.

    When 9-year-old Mighty Girl Lily Miller learned it would only take $5 to send a girl in Nepal to school for a month, she was determined to find a way to help. So Lily recruited her younger sister Maizy and her mother Terry to help her make fabric scrap lovebirds to sell and Lily’s Lovebirds was born! Five years later, sales of her lovebirds — which also make lovely holiday gifts — have allowed the now 13 year old to donate over $7,000 to help other girls like her go to school. “Girls that go to school educate their children to go to school which makes the world a better and more peaceful place,” Lily explains. “I hope that one day I will see more girl presidents and great leaders in the world, but it all starts with going to school.” Continue reading Continue reading

  • Non-profit organizations founded by girls and women that are changing the world!

    giving-tuesday-blog-2016-webAfter the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, it's time to take a moment and give back! For the sixth year, people are celebrating Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to donating money, time, and talent to charitable organizations around the world. By bringing together supporters from countries across the globe with organizations making a difference, Giving Tuesday provides a chance to amplify the small donations that each of us can make into big change!

    To celebrate this day of giving at A Mighty Girl, we're highlighting ten incredible grassroots organizations founded by girls and women that we hope you'll consider supporting on this day and throughout the year. From helping orphans in Nepal to providing solar power for obstetricians in developing countries to growing healthy vegetables for people in need in the United States, these groups are making a real difference both locally and globally. Your donations can help magnify the efforts of these inspiring girls and women and ensure that their life-changing work reaches even further! Continue reading Continue reading

  • Today marks the second year of a new holiday tradition, Giving Tuesday -- a day focused on encouraging charitable giving following the shopping-intensive days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To celebrate this day of giving, at A Mighty Girl, we're highlighting seven incredible grassroots projects founded by girls and women that we hope you'll consider supporting on this day and throughout the year.

    We've also highlighted an effort by a young Mighty Girl to give back to her community to show how every child can have an impact. And, while all of these groups need financial support to continue their important work, we also want to showcase another important type of giving -- volunteerism. All during the holiday season, we've been sharing stories of Mighty Girls' "Mighty Good Deeds" and encourage you to share your own Mighty Girl's good deeds on our Facebook wall. Continue reading Continue reading

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