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Artwork of Hope, Love, & Support from
the Children's Book World

35 Posters for Children With Uplifting Messages of Support & Solidarity.

safetypin-blog-webOver the past few days, children's book illustrators have been creating images featuring their beloved characters coupled with messages of love and support. Many of these images show their characters with a safety pin (#KidLitSafetyPin), others show the characters hugging (#HugsfromKidLit), but all are symbols to kids feeling vulnerable or being targeted with harassment that they are not alone -- that they are loved and valued. Moreover, these drawings, which the artists hope teachers and librarians will post in schools (you can click on any image below to open a printable version), send an important message to all students that now is the time to come together with friends and classmates to stand against any hateful speech or actions motivated by differences in gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, or ability.

Along with sharing these messages of love, hope, and solidarity with children, author Kate Messner also expressed the importance of taking the next step: "If this is something you plan to share with students, please also take time to talk about what it means to have someone's back when it comes to fighting bullying and bigotry. Wearing a safety pin (or putting up a poster) doesn't really help unless it's accompanied by a promise of action. Speaking up and standing beside people who are being targeted requires courage, commitment, and planning. Here's a resource [from the Southern Poverty Law Center] that I think is great for talking with middle grade kids and older."

With young children, picture books offer an excellent way to emphasize the importance of kindness and acceptance of others. And, of course, literature is also a powerful way to explore topics ranging from misogyny to bigotry to xenophobia with older children and teens, as well as a vehicle for encouraging discussion on how we can build a more just and inclusive society now and in the future. In the resource section below, you can find a variety of such reading recommendations for all ages.

We hope you will print the images below, share them, and let all of the kids in your community know: they can find safety, hope, and love in books and with you.

Reading Recommendations For Further Exploration

If you’re looking for more ideas of how to talk about these issues with your kids, A Mighty Girl has several book collections that can help!

On A Mighty Girl, you can find many empathy-building books for children and teens that emphasize the value of compassion in our Kindness & Compassion book section.

For books for children and teens that continue to spread this powerful mesage of love and acceptance, visit our Tolerance & Acceptance book section.

At A Mighty Girl, we're committed to showcasing a diverse range of Mighty Girl characters and stories in our book collection. In our Multicultural Fiction book section, you can use the filter on the left menu, to sort our collection by numerous characteristics, including ethnicity such as African or Native American or location such as Europe or Latin America. This section also includes sections on people with disabilities and LGBTQ books.

For books that explore discrimination -- whether by gender, race, class, religion, or sexual orientation -- visit our Prejudice & Discrimination book section, which can also be sorted into specific types of discrimination using the left menu filter.

For books to help kids, parents, and teachers address bullying in their schools and communities, check out the reading recommendations in our three-part bullying prevention blog series: The End of Bullying Begins with Me: Bullying Prevention Books for Young Children, Taking A Stand Against Bullying: Bullying Prevention Books for Tweens and Teens, and Leading The Way: Bullying Prevention Books for Parents and Educators.

Artwork from the Children's Book World

Todd Parr

Happy #WorldKindnessDay. Love, Todd

Todd Parr is the author / illustrator of many books, including Be Who You Are!, It’s Okay To Be Different, The I LOVE YOU Book, and The Feelings Book.

Image credit: Todd Parr Twitter

Debbie Ridpath Ohi

I am so moved, browsing through all the #kidlitsafetypins posts on Twitter. I've created some as well. To teachers and librarians: as Kate Messner said, if this is something you plan to share with students, please do also take the time to talk about what it means to have someone's back when it comes to fighting bullying and bigotry.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi is the ilustrator of I’m Bored

Image credit: Debbie Ridpath Ohi Inkygirl

Raina Telgemeier

Here are some images I created for the Kidlit Safety Pins movement! Feel free to download and print or color these pictures. The idea of the safety pin symbol is to let people know that they are safe, loved, and accepted by the pin's wearer. By sharing these images of my characters, I want my readers to know that they are safe with me.

Raina Telgemeier is the author / illustrator of Ghosts, Smile, Sisters, and Drama.

To view more of her Safety Pin images, visit her Facebook page.

Image credit: Raina Telgemeier Facebook

Jessika von Innerebner

I will always stand with you!

Jessika von Innerebner is a children’s magazine and book illustrator.

Image credit: Jessika von Innerebner Twitter

Peter H. Reynolds

Feel safe to make your mark.

Peter H. Reynolds is the author / illustrator of The Dot and illustrator of The Water Princess.

Image credit: Peter H. Reynolds Twitter

Mo Willems

Reports of harassment in schools & elsewhere are breaking my heart. I will stand up for anybunny who is being bullied.

Mo Willems is the author and illustrator of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny, Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator, and Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.

Image credit: Mo Willems Twitter

Ursula Vernon

Harriet knows that heroes stand up for other people

Ursula Vernon is the author / illustrator of the Hamster Princess comic hybrid series and Dragonbreath series.

Image credit: Savage Werewombat Twitter

Mike Maihack

Black or white, brown or blue; four arms or only two; Cleo has your back, and I do too.

Mike Maihack is the author /illustrator of the Cleopatra in Space graphic novels.

Image credit: Mike Maihack Twitter

Sharon Sordo

So happy to be a part of this!

Sharon Sordo is an emerging illustrator.

Image credit: Sharon Sordo Twitter

Shirley Ng-Benitez

Take one, give one... Joining the kidlit community

Shirley Ng-Benitez is the illustrator of Danny and the Blue Cloud and Lily’s New Home.

Image credit: Shirley Ng-Benitez Twitter

Matthew Cordell

My heart is heavy. But you are safe with me. And you are safe with Sadie.

Matthew Cordell is the author / illustrator of hello! hello! and the illustrator of Special Delivery

Image credit: Matthew Cordell Twitter

Tricia Tusa

Illustration by Tricia Tusa from The Sandwich Swap by @QueenRania and Kelly DiPucchio.

Tricia Tusa is the illustrator of The Sandwich Swap, In A Blue Room, and Marlene, Marlene, Queen of Mean.

Image credit: Kelly DiPucchio Twitter

Dow Phumiruk

Keep spreading the warmth.

Dow Phumiruk is the illustrator of Mr. Elephant's Rio Tour

Image credit: Dow Phumiruk Twitter

Ryan T. Higgins

Ryan Higgins is the author of Wilfred, Mother Bruce, and Hotel Bruce.

Image credit: Ryan Higgins Twitter

Dan Santat

You are safe with me. I stand beside you.

Dan Santat is the author or co-author / illustrator of The Adventures of Beekle, Elephant & Piggie Like Reading, Oh, No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World), and The Three Ninja Pigs.

Image credit: Dan Santat Twitter

Phoebe Wahl

You are safe with Sonya.

Phoebe Wahl is the author of Sonya's Chickens.

Image credit: Phoebe Wahl Twitter

Brad Meltzer / Chris Eliopoulos

Whatever side you’re on, we must protect everyone.

Brad Melzer is the author of I am Rosa Parks, I Am Helen Keller, I Am Jane Goodall, I Am Lucille Ball, and Heroes for My Daughter.

Image credit: Brad Melzer Twitter

Shannon Hale / LeUyen Pham

We have your back.

Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham are the creators of The Princess in Black series.

Image credit: Shannon Hale Twitter

Christopher Weyant

We're in this together.

Christopher Weyant is an internationally syndicated editorial cartoonist who works for the New Yorker. He is also the illustrator of You Are (Not) Small and Can I Tell You A Secret?

Image credit: Christopher Weyant Twitter

Elise Gravel

We stand with you.

Elise Gravel is the author / illustrator of I Want A Monster and The Cranky Ballerina.

Image credit: Elise Gravel Twitter

Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Jarrett Krosoczka is the author of the Lunch Lady graphic novel series which begins with Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute.

Image credit: Jarrett J. Krosoczka Twitter

Matthew Holm

Stay safe out there.

Matthew Holm is the co-author and illustrator of the Babymouse graphic novel series and Sunny Side Up.

Image credit: Matthew Holm Twitter

Tony DeTerlizzi

I've got your back, as does @hollyblack

Tony DeTerlizzi is the author of the WondLa Trilogy and co-author of the Spiderwick Chronicles, with Holly Black.

Image credit: Tony DeTerlizzi Twitter

Tom Angleberger

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming for the next 4 years...

Tom Angleberger is the author / illustrator of the Origami Yoda series and co-author of the new Inspector Flytrap series.

Image credit: Tom Angleberger Twitter

Faith Pray

I'll stand with you. Safe.

Faith Pray is a writer and illustrator.

Image credit: Faith Pray Twitter

Amy Ignatow

We are with you

Amy Ignatow is the author / illustrator of The Popularity Papers and The Mighty Odds.

Image credit: Amy Ignatow Twitter

Salina Yoon

BE A FRIEND to all. Reach out. Reach in. And love.

Salina Yoon is the author / illustrator of Penguin and Pinecone and Be A Friend.

Image credit: Salina Yoon Twitter

Kristine Lombardi

No matter what your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that no child needs to live in fear.

Kristine Lombardi is the author / illustrator of Lovey Bunny and The Grumpy Pets.

Image credit: Kristine Lombardi Twitter

Nick Bruel

Nick Bruel is the author / illustrator of the Bad Kitty books, including this year's Bad Kitty For President.

Image credit: Nick Bruel Twitter

Jennie Palmer

You can sit with us

Jennie Palmer is an illustrator and sculptor, and is also developing stories and art for the e-book company Speakaboos.

Image credit: Jennie Palmer Twitter

Lynnor Bontigao

Standing with you

Lynnor Bontigao is an illustrator, a lover of picture books, and also programs mainframes when she’s not doodling.

Image credit: Lynnor Bontigao Twitter

Krista Heij-Barber

More LOVE less hate. Choose kindness always.

Krista Heij-Barber is an illustrator

Image credit: Krista Heij-Barber Twitter

Elizabeth Schoonmaker

Squarely safe, always!

Elizabeth Schoonmaker is the author / illustrator of Square Cat

Image credit: Eula Square Cat Twitter

Connie Sun

Got your back.

Connie Sun is a cartoonist.

Image credit: Connie Sun Twitter

Lee Edward Fodi

Lee Edward Fodi is the illustrator of I’ll Follow The Moon and the author of the Kendra Kandlestar books.

Image credit: Lee Edward Fodi Twitter

Jamar Nicholas

Don't be afraid. We love you and want you to be safe.

Jamar Nicholas is the illustrator of the graphic adaptation of Geoffrey Canada’s Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence.

Image credit: Jamar Nicholas Twitter

Charles Santoso

"When words fail us we can learn to listen. When we listen we can help in the best way." from @byseanferrell & me

Charles Santoso is the illustrator of Ida, Always, Peanut Butter & Brains: A Zombie Culinary Tale, and The Snurtch

Image credit: Charles Santoso Twittter

Lauren Castillo

You matter. You are loved. You are safe with me. ❤

Lauren Castillo is the illustrator of Nana in the City, Yard Sale, The Reader, and Twenty Yawns.

Image credit: Lauren Castillo Twitter

Priscilla Alpaugh

Joel Cook

Everyone deserves to be safe... and loved.

Joel Cook is the illustrator of The Littlest Zombie's Story.

Image credit: Joel Cook Twitter

Ashley Spires

This Space Cat will keep you safe so you can be your Magnificent self.

Ashley Spires is the author / illustrator of The Most Magnificent Thing and Binky the Space Cat.

Image credit: Ashley Spires Twitter

Linda Sue Park

MG & YA authors re #kidlitsafetypins: Older readers need this reassurance too.

Linda Sue Park is the author of A Long Walk To Water and When My Name Was Keoko: A Novel of Korea in World War II.

Image credit: Linda Sue Park Twitter

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