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Ghost, Witches, and Monsters, Oh My!

35 Mighty Girl Books for Halloween

Our favorite fun and spooky Mighty Girl stories to bewitch kids of all ages this Halloween!

halloween-books-webHalloween is coming fast, and most kids’ eyes gleam at the thought: the costumes, the candy, the fun, and, of course, the chance to enjoy some spooky and fun stories! So that you can stock your bookshelf with some great Mighty Girl books to enjoy this Halloween, we’ve highlighted 30 of our seasonal favorites in three sections: Good Witches, Monster Stories, and Spooky Mighty Girl Tales. There's a spooky (or not-so-spooky) story for every young Halloween lover in our collection!

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And, if you're on the lookout for a costume for your Mighty Girl, check out the hundreds of options in our Halloween Costume Guide.

Good Witches: Mighty Girl Witch Stories

Not all witches fit the wicked mold — after all, historically, many witches were wise women and healers who ended up on the wrong side of the established political order. Many of the books in our Halloween collection feature witch characters that show off the best of what a witch can be: brave, curious, adventurous, and determined to protect people with every trick she knows. They are a great way to get your child thinking beyond the witchy stereotype!

Whoosh! Went The Broom

The friendly witch from Room on the Broom makes a fun appearance in this book for toddlers and young preschoolers! The witch and the cat (and her very tall hat) are flying over the treetops. Press the interactive button to make a "whoosh" sound as the broom goes by! With sturdy board book pages and simplified text, it's perfect to introduce the littlest Mighty Girls to this beloved character. Fans of this witchy character will also love this plush witch which is suitable for ages 2 and up.

A Very Brave Witch

On the far side of town, a brave young witch lives a big, dark house. Her fellow witches warn her about the scary humans and their mysterious and dangerous version of Halloween, but one year, the witch's curiosity gets the best of her and she decides to see just what these humans are all about. It turns out that witches and little girls aren't all that different after all! Author Allison McGhee tells her story completely in dialogue balloons, making it a fun read — and perfect for a young child who’s slightly nervous about this spooky holiday.


Mitzi is a proper witch: she has a broomstick, she wears a pointed hat, and her house is full of cobwebs. So when she wants a pet — a spooky, scary pet — the only place to go is Cackle & Co., but none of the pets there quite suit. When a little orange kitten turns up, Mitzi almost rejects it out of hand — too cuddly and cute — but after a night of prowling together, she realizes that her new friend Hoodwink is absolutely perfect.

Only A Witch Can Fly

A little girl desperately wants to be able to fly — but only a witch can do that. She’s not deterred, though: instead, one special night, she gets a broom (and her cat) and tries, and tries, and tries... until, finally, her heart’s desire comes true. Told in poetic language with evocative illustrations, this story emphasizes perseverance and celebrates a little girl who believes she can do something amazing. This reflective, quiet book makes a great counterpart to the bustling, noisy Halloween holiday.

Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble

This little girl's granny is (whispers) a witch! And frankly, having a witch for a grandmother can be a bit of a pain. So she decides to reform her granny and teach her to be just like all the other grandmothers out there. But it turns out that, when you take away the frogs and bats, the icky soup and the disappearing spells...Granny just isn't herself, and she's not nearly as much fun. Time to unreform Granny! Fun rhyme makes this an appealing read-aloud, and kids will love the message of loving someone just as she is.

I Am A Witch's Cat

What's more fun around Halloween than playing pretend? This little girl knows her mother must be a witch — after all, the bathroom is full of magic potion bottles she's not allowed to touch! But since her mother is a good witch, it only makes sense to pull on a cat costume and become a witch's cat. A charming story with intricate collage illustrations, this is sure to become a favorite.

Grimelda The Very Messy Witch

Grimelda's house has stuff over the place, but she finds it cozy and comforting — until the day she wants to make her favorite pickle pie and she can't find a key ingredient! She rummages through other items like scream cheese spread, dragon fruit, and rot sauce without success; she even thinks of trying a finding spell, but she can't find the right spellbook. Making pickle pie might turn out to be more of an adventure than she had planned... With fun verse for reading aloud and busy illustrations that kids can scour for funny details, kids will return to this book over and over again. Fans of Grimelda will be delighted to see her return in Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show.

Miss Fiona's Stupendous Pumpkin Pies

Miss Fiona is totally witchy with her black hat, her greenish skin, and her spooky home... but that doesn't mean she's scary or mean. In fact, all the children in her neighborhood know that it's worth creeping past the dark cemetery and barren fields for just a taste of her pumpkin pie. After all, what kind of Halloween would it be without it? This fun story also reminds kids that there's much more to everyone than there appears!

Fairy Tale Frankie and the Tricky Witch

Frankie loves fairy tales, so at first she's thrilled when fairy tale characters start showing up at her door. But all of them have the same story: the witch is coming, and they have to hide. As Frankie packs every nook and cranny of her house with Knights, unicorns, princesses, mermaids, and more, she can't help but wonder what will happen when this witch arrives. Fortunately, when the witch arrives as promised, it turns out she's a fairly friendly one — and she's challenged her friends to a lively game of hide and seek! With colorful illustrations and a delightful twist at the end, this is the perfect not-too-scary witch story.

Little Witch

Minikin Snickasnee — called Minx for short — was nine years old and wished with all her heart that she was not a witch's child. It may sound like fun to be the daughter of Madam Snickasnee and be forbidden to go to school, to wash behind your ears, or go to bed at night. You might even like to see certain people you know turned into potted plants and have your own flying broomstick. But Minx didn't like riding around in the dark or cooking up horrid pots of Black Spell Brew. Even a witch's child rebels, and one day, Minx sneaked off to school. The principal was certainly surprised to see his newest pupil arriving on a broomstick, and life just got much more exciting for a lot of people!

Magic Trixie

Trixie is frustrated: she doesn’t get to do anything fun, but her little sister gets away with everything. And she’s determined to wow her classmates — a collection of monsters, witches, and ghosts — at show and tell, but they all know all of her tricks already! Then Trixie remembers she knows one more trick: making something disappear. And she knows just what she’d like to make go away... At the heart of this fun story is the struggle with sibling envy, making this story perfect for the whole year round.

The Witch Family

Amy and Clarissa love drawing pictures and telling stories, particularly of their favorite character, Old Witch. But when their story puts Old Witch on a barren hill, she's so lonely and grumpy that Amy draws her a little girl and a baby for company — and suddenly the Witch Family is born. Full of fun vocabulary, funny puns, and interesting characters (like Malachi, the magic spelling bumblebee), this story is perfect for Halloween, or just to inspire the budding creative writers you know!

The Wee Free Men

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld witches have always explored questions of responsibility, psychology, and friendship, and his young adult series about witch Tiffany Aching follows the same mold. In The Wee Free Men, nine-year-old would-be witch Tiffany finds herself desperately seeking witch magic to defend her home — and her pesky little brother — from the denizens of Fairyland. It turns out that Tiffany, who's intelligent, shrewd, and has a talent for cheese, also has a gift for being a witch. Tiffany's story continues in A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight, and Terry Pratchett's final Discworld novel, The Shepherd's Crown. Don’t be surprised if your kids return to these thoughtful, humorous, and engaging stories over and over again.

The Witches of Worm

For older readers, tales of witches can also explore deeper, darker territory. Jessica is already isolated from both her busy, dating mother and her peers when she brings home a skinny, ugly kitten she calls Worm. But then Worm starts convincing her to do mean, awful things — and Jessica realizes that Worm must be a witch’s cat. So has Worm bewitched her, or does he have other reasons to be interested in Jessica? And how can she free herself from his influence? This Newbery Honor book captures the isolation and alienation many young people feel, and explores the question of moral responsibility — all in a spooky, supernatural setting.

History's Witches

Of course the "witches" of history the history books were generally misunderstood — or "troublemaking" — women. In Lisa Graves' first book, based off her ongoing profile series, your Mighty Girl will learn about a wide variety of women whose actions, like practicing medicine, standing up to a ruler, or even just living alone, ended up with them branded as witches. The infographic style and short profiles makes for an accessible read of these fascinating stories, with lots of resources provided for further exploration of these daring women.

Going Bump In The Night: Mighty Girl Monster Stories

Of course, Halloween isn’t just about witches, but also about vampires, zombies, werewolves, and all the other supernatural monsters that send a delightful shiver up our spines! Whether these Mighty Girls are facing monsters — or are the monsters — their stories are full of fun, thrills, and scary creatures.

Skelly the Skeleton Girl

Little Skelly finds a lost bone one day, and decides to return it to its proper owner. But after asking her bony goldfish, her carnivorous plants, and even the creature that lives under the stairs, she still hasn’t found the owner of the bone! Finally, she finds where the bone belongs — and makes a new friend. Jimmy Pickering’s unique, bright artwork and clever verse are perfect for any kid who likes spooky but cute characters. Fans of this book will want to check out the sequel, Skelly and Femur.

Vampirina Ballerina

Young Vampirina dreams of being a ballerina. But how can you take dance class when you’re a vampire? Well, you have to find a class that meets at night... and figure out a way to learn when you can’t see yourself in the mirror. And, of course, try not to scare your classmates with your fangs! But Vampirina learns that with determination and support from your family — no matter how monstrous — you can achieve amazing things.

Mostly Monsterly

Bernadette is a typical monster... but secretly, she loves flowers, kittens, and even baking. Her first day at Monster Academy shows her just how different she is from her classmates — they’d rather eat snail goo than her beautiful cupcakes! But Bernadette is determined to find a way to make friends without changing who she is. Both a great Halloween story and a story to help handle fears about fitting in, this funny book is sure to get giggles.


Zombelina's love of dance is appreciated by her friends and family — but when she joins a ballet class for real girls, a bout of stage fright leaves her onstage moaning and staggering like, well, a zombie...and scares away most of the audience. Those who are left, though, are the ones who appreciate exactly who Zombelina is. This lovely story of family — with just a hint of spooky atmosphere — is sure to please!

Monster Trouble

Winifred Schnitzel isn't scared of the monsters in her bedroom, but she sure is frustrated — she needs her sleep! Every night they're there, making a ruckus, despite the cleverest traps that Winifred can think up. Perhaps Winifred will have to get a bit more creative to deal with her monster problem (Hint: monsters hate kisses!) This funny bedtime story will have kids giggling — and if Halloween monster stories have made her nervous, it's the perfect story to help her overcome her fears.

My Haunted House

Newly independent readers will enjoy the ominous (but friendly) creatures in this book! Araminta loves the spooky home where she's growing up, so when her crabby Aunt Tabby decides she wants to sell it and move, Araminta — and a few ghostly friends — set themselves to scaring off buyers... literally! But when it's a ghost-loving family who's looking at the house, Araminta's plan may not go as smoothly as she'd hoped. Fans of the weird and fun will love this funny tale!

Skary Childrin and the Carousel of Sorrow

The main characters of this book struggle with their supernatural sides: Adelaide looks like a werewolf, Maggie is strangely strong, and Beatrice says she can see ghosts. Their classmates call them the “scary children” and they spend most of their time together in the library. But when people start disappearing in the town of Widowsbury, the girls will have to work together to break a nasty curse. This book is perfect for a middle reader whose taste run towards all things creepy.


Kendra and Seth don’t know that their grandfather is the caretaker of a secret forest that houses monsters like trolls, satyrs, witches, imps, and fairies — but when the laws of Fablehaven are broken, the whole world could be threatened by the forces that are unleashed. Kendra and Seth will have to learn quickly — and face their fears — if they want to save everything they care about. The first book of an ongoing series, this fantasy novel is terrific for independent reading — or as a read-aloud that the whole family can enjoy. Fans of the series can get this Fablehaven box set which collects the whole series.


Be careful what you wish for! Coraline is bored in her parents’ enormous house, so when she discovers a special door that leads to a parallel world that seems almost the same — but better — at first she’s thrilled. The creepy denizens of the other house don’t bother her — until she gets to know her mirrored parents, white-faced, button-eyed...and determined to keep their little girl on their side of the door. Is Coraline clever and brave enough to return to her normal life? Gaiman’s tale quickly became a young adult classic, and has also received graphic novel treatment as well as being turned into an animated film.

On A Dark, Dark Night: Spooky Mighty Girl Tales

And of course, nothing says Halloween like a good, spooky story! Whether it’s a slightly mysterious tale for the littlest children — or a seriously creepy novel for bigger ones — these stories will create the perfect Halloween atmosphere.

Where Is Baby’s Pumpkin?

For really little Mighty Girls, this charming flap book is a great introduction to Halloween mystery. A costumed toddler is hunting for her pumpkin, but under the flaps she finds everything from ghosts to bats to a witch’s hat. Finally, after the pumpkin is found, the final flap reveals a Halloween party to remember! This book is a great way to introduce the fun of Halloween to even the littlest child.

Not Very Scary

Melly discovers that even the most daring Mighty Girls can get scared sometimes! On her "not very scary" walk, the skeletons, black cats, and goblins following her get a little more intimidating with every step, and even though Melly tries to hide her fear, she gets more apprehensive as she goes. Hopefully the surprise her cousin promises will be worth it... This fun, slightly spooky counting story is sure to generate giggles.

A Teeny Tiny Halloween

Every fall, the teeny tiny woman who lives in a teeny tiny house has a very big problem: fall leaves surround her house until the whole place is buried! Inside the pitch black house, it's very dark and more than a little scary. The teeny tiny woman calls, "Oh, who will save me?" but no one can hear her, no matter how loudly she yells — so that means the teeny tiny woman needs to use a few tricks she's got up her sleeve to save herself! Written to be read aloud, with different typefaces to indicate everything from a teeny tiny whisper to a giant shout, this book has the same quality as classic campfire stories — and soon your child will be retelling it herself!

Annie Was Warned

Sometimes a friend’s dare will get the best of you! Annie knows she’s not supposed to go to the Montgomery Mansion — but how can she turn down the challenge? Besides, she’s not scared of a haunted she? Full of perfectly shivery moments as Annie ventures down the street and up the mansion’s steps, and with a pleasant surprise on a fold-out page when she goes through the door, kids will enjoy reading this book again and again.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything

This old lady is never scared...until one fall night, walking home through the woods, when she hears CLOMP, CLOMP, SHAKE, SHAKE, CLAP, CLAP! First shoes, then pants, a shirt, and even gloves and a spooky pumpkin face start following her home — and for the first time in her life, the old lady is SCARED! But when her pursuers follow her all the way home, her clever solution will get everyone laughing. With its repeated refrain and fun sound effects, this makes a great Halloween read-aloud.

Frangoline and the Midnight Dream

Frangoline is the sweetest girl all day — but at bedtime, she becomes a furious creature, running outside and refusing to lay down her head and sleep, even when the moon cautions, “Little ones should be in bed!” But on Halloween night, when her dancing and shrieking wake the dead, will Frangoline learn her lesson? After all, she’s not really bad, just too excited to sleep... For any parent and child who’ve wrestled with bedtime, this just-spooky-enough book is sure to get a laugh. Even when you think you’re not afraid of anything, that doesn’t mean things can’t get scary sometimes!

Glister and the Haunted Teapot

Strange things always happen around Andi Watson’s Glister Butterworth. When a rare (but unlabelled) teapot arrives on their doorstep, Glister and her father shrug — and put on a pot of tea. But haunted tea is not the relaxing experience Glister would have liked. Glister will have to help the ghost in the teapot fulfill his last wish if she wants things back to normal...or at least as normal as they get around Chilblain Hall! Told in a comic-strip style, this great story features a smart, spunky, fun heroine.

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit

Kat Roberts has a secret: unlike the normal girls at her school, she, like her mother, can see and talk to spirits. But when she and a friend discover that a ghost of a former student needs their help, Kat has to embrace her gifts to solve the mystery — while still navigating all the trials that middle school has to offer. The perfect mix of humor and suspense, supernatural and every-day, this book will fascinate your mystery-loving middle reader.

A Properly Unhaunted Place

In Rosa Ramona Díaz's world, ghosts are everywhere. Sure, sometimes they need calming — that's why her mother is a ghost appeasement specialist — but they're a critical part of honoring departed loved ones. So when her mother moves to Ingot, the only ghost-free town in the world, Rosa isn't happy. But it soon becomes clear that there's something sinister behind Ingot's lack of ghosts, and with Jasper Chevalier, a new friend, she sets out to rein in angry spirits and solve the mystery. Part supernatural story and part coming of age tale, this charming story with a unique setting is sure to be a favorite.

The Year of Shadows

It's a difficult year for Olivia Stellatella: her mother has disappeared, her father — who's more interested in saving his failing orchestra than in Olivia — has moved her and her grandmother into the broken-down concert hall, and she doesn't have any friends to lean on. As she explores the hall, Olivia makes a shocking discovery: four ghosts, tied to the hall, who explain that they need her help. If the hall is demolished, they'll be trapped as ghosts forever. Olivia is determined to try to save the concert hall and her new ghostly friends, but her project brings unexpected dangers, including specters, spirits who are already trapped, who want to stop her and her friends... This just-spooky-enough story uses the supernatural to explore the ways we can repair the hurt we cause to one another.

The Jumbies

Corinne La Mer isn't afraid of jumbies — they're just stories, after all, tricks from parents to scare their kids into good behavior. Except one day, when Corinne chases an agouti into the forbidden forest, she sees yellow eyes staring at her. The next day, a beautiful stranger shows up in the market...and then at Corinne's house. Severine is here to claim the whole island for the jumbies, and the only one who can stop her is Corinne. But to do so, she'll need help from her friends and she'll need to master ancient magic she's only just learning she has. This thrilling twist on a Haitian folktale is sure to delight middle-grade readers, who can then follow Corinne's story in the sequel, Rise of the Jumbies.

The Aviary

Twelve-year-old Clara lives in a strange place — the crumbling mansion where her mother works as a servant to widowed Mrs. Glendoveer includes an aviary, where the birds shriek every time she approaches. But one day, instead of squalling, the mynah bird speaks — and Clara starts uncovering dark secrets about the Glendoveer family. As Clara tries to solve the Glendoveers’ mystery, she learns secrets about her own family — and all the while, she has the feeling that the birds want to tell her something... A charming, spooky tale of secret identities, nasty villains, and surprising heroes, this book will totally absorb middle readers.

The Night Gardener

Abandoned siblings Molly and Kip are working as servants in a declining Victorian manor house. But the house's owners — and the tree on the grounds — have unexpected secrets, and soon Molly and Kip must combat a dangerous spirit with nothing but their wits...and the power of storytelling. Can Molly's gift of the gab keep them safe from the ominous Night Gardener? If your tween wants a truly eerie tale, this is a great place to start.

Wait Till Helen Comes

Molly's little stepsister, Heather, has been a nuisance ever since their parents got married. When their parents move the family to a country house that used to be a church, Molly is particularly creeped out by the graveyard nearby...but Heather seems drawn to it. Worse, she's soon talking about "Helen," a ghostly girl who Heather insists is coming for all three of them. As Molly learns more about Helen — and about the reasons for Heather's odd behavior — she becomes determined to figure out a way to stop Helen and ensure that Heather is safe. This creepy and suspenseful ghost story will keep tweens and teens flipping pages until the end.

Anya’s Ghost

Anya is desperate for a friend, so when she falls down a well and meets a hundred-year-old ghost, she figures that a ghost friend is better than nothing. After all, she’s embarrassed by her immigrant family, her body is changing in ways she doesn’t like, and there’s no chance she’ll ever fit in at school! But some of the things Emily suggests make Anya very uncomfortable, and when it turns out that Emily hasn’t been honest with Anya, Anya will have to make some very difficult decisions. This supernatural story also explores the real-life challenges of life as a teen.

Whether your Mighty Girl saves the spooky stuff for Halloween, or enjoys it all year round, we hope you’ve found something suitably scary on this list! Just make sure you read with the light on...

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